A Good Night, but a Very Bad Morning

If you haven’t already read Porkchop’s livejournal, then you don’t know that she started her Monday morning by stepping in a giant hairball and some plant material that Keetah spit up some time in the night. Well, that’s how Porkchop started her day. So, when she e-mailed me asking if I would go to the Cardinals game (because she found cheap tickets on-line), I couldn’t refuse.

After an okay (but boring) day, Porkchop and I went to the game. It was unusual St. Louis summer weather – only in the 70s – but perfect baseball game weather. And I don’t even like baseball. Our evening was quite enjoyable, even though the Cards lost. We capped off the night by stopping for some late-night-fried-food at Sonic. I had cheddar peppers, Porkchop had a corndog, and we shared a junior caramel banana split and a cherry limeade. The only not-so-good part was when a guy leaned into our open window and tried to sell us an ugly gold chain. And then asked for money, and then finally left, but not before he said to Porkchop, “That’s what I like – you’re not scared or anything, you just said No.” For some reason, I think that’s exactly what the guy didn’t like, as he was obviously banking on fear.

I think Porkchop attracts these characters. Last week, she was hit up at another drive through by a meth addict.

Anyway, our night was pretty sweet, especially with the break from the heat.

This morning, on the other hand, made me want to melt away – in a bad way, not that good melt-y feeling. Well, I either wanted to melt away or go get slammed at 9 a.m.

As part of my admin assistant duties, I help set up different sorts of presentations in the building’s learning center. This one should have been easy: PowerPoint with an online presentation and teleconference. Except I didn’t know that the room I booked wasn’t set up for teleconferencing, or that the wireless keyboard in the room was so spotty. You would think that someone would tell me these things, but no one does.

Luckily and unluckily, the executive assistant had volunteered to help me set up because I’ve never done an online presentation. I write “luckily” because she knows the IS support telephone numbers and can get people to help her by being bossy. “Unluckily” because the executive assistant FREAKS OUT under pressure and lashes out at everyone, including the outside people who were there to give the darn thing! Soooooo unprofessional.

Anyway, we ended up moving rooms, which I would have done in the first place if someone had told me that the meeting scheduled for the better room had been cancelled. The presentation still ended up starting 40 minutes late. Sucky.

Now I feel like I’m being pulled into office drama. The executive assistant is talking trash to me about some other people, and those people are doing the same about the executive assistant. It seems like I’m always put into these positions. I end up just listening and not saying anything, but instead trying to change the subject.

In conclusion, I have to get out of this place. Would one of the dozen people who I’ve sent apps to please call me back!

And, in other news, I’m making a tofu dish tonight that uses basil, lime, coconut milk, and squash. I’ve got to make more basil dishes because our little plants are becoming super-producers. I can’t keep up with them! If you’re in the area and need basil, let us know.

I’m still working on the multi-directional diagonal scarf, but I hope to finish it up soon enough. Then I’ll start working on a matching hat. Awesome.

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