More Angry Rumblings

When I checked Ameren’s power outage spreadsheet this morning, only 405,000 were without. Now, according to the spreadsheet updated around 11:30 this morning, over 450,000 are without electricity.

Why must the number go down and then up? I understand a variable of a few hundred, maybe a thousand, but 45,000….that’s unacceptable!

While I’m irritated and cranky by the lack of electricity, wouldn’t it suck so much more to have it restored and then taken away?

What Shall We Do Now?
Last night, Porkchop and I slept out on the deck. It was still terribly hot until a cool breeze picked up around 4 a.m.

This weekend, I was so looking forward to attending the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park, but now I’m planning a trip to my parents’ down in Arkansas. I’ll take Keetah with me, but Porkchop will have to figure out some arrangements (maybe with Soozi’s assistance).

The Eerie Quiet
The Post-Dispatch has characterized our neighborhood as “eerily quiet” after the storm. Come on, the silence is not so strange or frightening…it’s too freaking hot to do anything!! If it were cooler, we’d riot for sure.

But, seriously, what does the newspaper expect? That mobs will break into the corner flower shop or take down the sushi bar? Oh wait, maybe they expect us to hit the local pawn shop…I know I’ve had my eye on that lovely circa-1988 Prince tennis racquet in the window.

I wonder if the suburbs without power are called “eerily quiet”?

Right now, I am harboring jealousy-bordering-on-hatred for anyone who:

  • Has power.
  • Has a generator.
  • Is able to take off work for an indefinite amount of time to find an air conditioned refuge.
  • Says to me, “well, couldn’t you at least plug in a fan?” NO!! We don’t have power!

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