If You’re Not Cranky….

…you have power.

Things I want to do, but can’t:

  • Clean the apartment.
  • Apply to jobs. The necessary Adobe files are on our plug-in computer; unfortunately, I need to modify the files for these latest positions.
  • Cook a meal and have leftovers.
  • Sleep comfortably in our bed, awaking refreshed in the morning.
  • Not sweat just from walking around the apartment.
  • Not be pissed off.

The good news: only around 5,500 in our neighborhood are without power, down from over 11,000. The bad news: we’re one of them, of course.

What is most infuriating is that people just four houses down have power. Gah!

When I logged into my Ameren account, the info page merely stated: You don’t have power. NO SHIT! Wow! I had no idea. What about a timeline for when it will be fixed? Also, on my Ameren account page, it stated that our power had been out since Saturday, July 22. Uh, no….try Wednesday, July 19.

Luckily, Mokabe’s is open and serving food.

I will now take my bitterness off-line.

Monday Morning Update
Rejoice! Rejoice!

Our power came back on last night at 12:30. YayYayYay!!!

We were so excited, we had to get up and do things. And then I couldn’t get back to sleep because I was worried we would be cut off again. But we weren’t! Awesome!

This means that this is the last day that I buy lunch from my office’s cafeteria. And the last day that I go without my morning soy milk.

I am so excited, kids, so excited.

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