Good Things

To put an end to my various complaints about the recent power outage here (which still sucks for around 150,000 folks, including a few co-workers), I decided to list some good things that have happened recently (or will happen):

  • Our landlord left us another bag of cherry tomatoes. And, this time, he included some full-size ones. Yummy!
  • I’m starting to re-stock our refrigerator.
  • I have a hair cut appointment tonight. Always a good thing.
  • I just made a massage appointment for this Saturday, using my birthday gift card. Saturday won’t come fast enough!
  • The Ditty Bops play this Friday at the Mad Art Gallery, and there’s a slow food event Saturday night at the same place. I’ll try to go to at least one.
  • I got to sit in on a meeting yesterday and offer technical writing tips to a few scientists.
  • The work day is nearly over. Yay!

This isn’t really a good or bad thing, but just an amusing anecdote (well, it’s probably only amusing to me). Yesterday, while running my daily job search, I came across a position for a report writer at a local health care facility. This is amusing because they want someone who knows how to use a reporting application for which I wrote the original documentation! This amuses me and makes me feel bad because that documentation wasn’t the best stuff I ever wrote. Knowing that health care facilities don’t “go live” on a version until at least a year after its release, the poor suckers probably have the crappiest, roughest documentation for the application (and an equally crappy version of the application…ooooohhhh, maybe I shouldn’t disclose the bugginess that was allowed to be released).

Have a good Tuesday afternoon!

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