Update from Job Land

So, this morning, I was asking the executive assistant about something when the director of sales stopped by the EA’s desk. The DoS travels A LOT, so she was kind of grumbling about some of the new air travel regulations, especially about not getting to take lotion on board.

We had some productive conversation, like about how women with babies shouldn’t necessarily be construed as non-terrorist material. As much as I empathize with women who have been made to drink their own breastmilk (if that’s even a true story), I don’t think we should automatically assume warm fuzzies when we see a woman toting around a baby. That’s such gendered malarkey.

We also talked about how horrible it must be for the president of our division. You see, he’s Pakistani with a British accent. Right.

So, then the DoS mentioned a colleague of hers who is a male African American. With a once-shattered leg now held together by metal rods. We commiserated over the hell that he always has to endure in security lines.

Then…then the EA said: “Well, you know, stereotypes exist for a reason.”

I managed to blurt out: “Stereotypesexistbecauseofsocialinjustices. Andsocialinequalities.”

I don’t remember what happened next because my head had popped off and rolled away.

Seriously, y’all, my Intro to Women’s Studies students from last fall could teach this EA a thing or two.

My opinion of the EA has sunk to a new low.

On that Note
My interview with the VP and DoS went well, I think. The interviews didn’t consist of those stupid HR-behavioral-based questions because I’ve already been here for a while.

Of course, they still have to meet and compare me to some other interviewee. So, we’ll see.

I am constantly amazed at how I can say things like, “Oh, I’m looking for a stable position in which I can operate for a least a couple of years,” when I’m really thinking, “I’m totally jumping ship if (hopefully, when) something better comes along.”

I don’t know about my interview off-site. I feel so awkward sometimes. Like when someone asks a question like: “How do you solve problems?”

What sort of non-specific, BS question is that?! There are so many types of problems, and so many different ways to solve them. I can’t remember what I said.

I hate interviews.

Knitting Update
I have one gift pouch done – I just have to make fringe for the I-cord. Yay!

Next up…flower petal washcloth!


A Random Thought
Blogger has a new beta version available. I’m thinking of switching over because it allows you to do drag-and-drop template design and lock down posts. The post lock-down is by e-mail address….now I’m wondering if readers would need a Gmail address to access posts (since Google runs Blogger). Because I don’t know how else Blogger could validate e-mail passwords.

Not that I have a big readership or anything, but maybe I don’t want some posts available to everyone.

For example, if you run a Google search on “pot smoking at Mizzou,” I’m on the second page of results.

Awesome. Because that’s exactly how I want people to find my blog.

Anyway, just a thought.

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