My Weekend in Pictures

I don’t have a picture for everything I did this weekend, but I have a few to share.

Friday Evening
Went yarn shopping with Soozi. Bought Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran to make the “Fetching” hand mitts recently featured in Knitty. I’ve written about these a couple of times before. So pretty.

After yarn shopping we ate at the Tandoori Hut. What a great name! It’s an Indian restaurant in what used to be a Pizza Hut.

Upon arriving home, I realized that I don’t have the correct dpns to make the hand mitts. I knew this, but I always convince myself that I have size 6 dpns. I don’t (well, I didn’t), much to my chagrin. So, Friday night, I worked on finishing my sister’s bag. It’s nearly ready to be felted. Here’s the status:


Saturday morning was busy with my usual routine: exercise, clean, do laundry, shower, eat lunch. I have fallen into such a rut.

After the usual activities, I went to the Harvest Festival across the street in Tower Grove park. Oh, there were so many yummy looking goodies! I settled on a package of mocha meringues…an excellent choice. I hope they have the festival again next year – I’ll be prepared to eat lunch there instead of just snacking!

After the festival, I got my oil changed (oh, the excitement). Then, I went back to Knitorious to pick up a set of size 6 dpns. As the owner walked by me, she said, “You know, I think there’s a limit of the number of times you can come here in a week.” Once I thought about it, I realized that was my third time that week.

Oh well.

After working on my history paper, I got down to serious hand mitt knitting. I’ve nearly finished the first one; here it is:


I slept later than I meant to, but I think I needed the sleep. After lazily getting myself prepared for the day, I went to the office for a few hours because I have to make up the time I’m taking off for the kidney surgery.

A couple of weeks ago, one reader requested photos of Keetah. Before leaving for work, I snapped these of Keetah basking in the sun. Here’s the first one:

Yes, I am always this beautiful.

And here I’ve captured what Keetah does immediately after being in the pose featured in the previous picture:

Life is So Difficult

If you make one comment about Keetah being a big cat, you are no longer my friend.

Right Now
I’m roasting some butternut squash and garlic for a pasta sauce. I’m going to serve it over cheese ravioli and sprinkled with toasted walnuts.

I’m really looking forward to dinner. I *heart* roasted squash.

Have a good week!


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