The Worst is Over

Hi y’all!

Kidney Day is officially OVER!!! Yay!

To read my update for Porkchop’s kidney blog, go here. There is so much more to say than I could write tonight, but maybe one day we can fully express today’s experiences.

Super-Friend Awards
These go to BD and Soozi.

To BD for coming over from Columbia and sticking out the whole day with me. For listening to me ramble and watching me knit a washcloth. For buying my lunch when I thought I left my wallet in my coat in a waiting room but actually had it in my back pocket. For making Porkchop some super-nifty kidney-illustrated scrubs. And for just being so wonderful overall.

To Soozi for going to dinner and visiting at the hospital even though it was her dad’s birthday. For looking out for our monkey and demanding cepacol. For making a super-great care package. And for always being there and being terrific.

I finally left myself cry when I got home. I had been waiting to cry since 8:30 this morning. Feels good.


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