My creative juices aren’t quite flowing right now, so that’s the title of my post.

YAY! for Porkchop making it home today! YAY! for Porkchop drinking half of a strawberry smoothie and eating a few prunes. YAY! for Porkchop sleeping in a chair across from me.

Thursday was pretty rough, folks. Porkchop was feeling super-groggy and super-frustrated. The transplant surgeon was trying to kick her out, but y’all, she was still feeling rough, having a hard time getting around, and throwing up. Blech.

I definitely understood her frustration. I hate not having full control over my body, not being able to get comfortable in any position, and not being able to easily do things like scoot myself up in bed.

She took a Vicodin around 7:00 last night and totally conked out. She even turned off the World Series game! Yikes!

Porkchop’s mom and I arrived at the hospital at 8:00. Porkchop was already awake and had been walking around the floor.

She seemed tons better. No traces of grogginess or nausea. And, she was ready to come home.

The only sucky thing is the gas pains. She was pumped up with air during the surgery, and the air hasn’t left her body yet! And, it moves around, settling into her shoulder and collarbone area, for example. Gas pains are the major discomfort, not the incision sites.

I read on the Kidney Foundation website that a heating pad really helps. But, if any of y’all have any other advice, please let us know!

My main mission now is to make sure that Porkchop drinks plenty of liquids and eats things high in fiber. This will not be easy, as she’s not the biggest water-drinker, and her appetite is still non-existent.

Thanks again for everyone’s encouragement, visits, phone calls, and presents! Porkchop is so fortunate to have so much support!

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