Grumble, grumble. I switched to Blogger’s beta version yesterday and was displeased to find that things like my stat counter code were not copied over automatically.

I guess I will gradually reassemble my sidebar. Or, just redo everything.

Book Bit
I quite enjoyed this brief review of various transgender memoir book covers. I often forget about the existence of Bookslut, so when I rediscover it, I’m always amused.

Sidenote…wow, do I ever hate Blogger’s WYSIWYG composer. Back to HTML for me!

Knitting Bit
I am so bored with the scarf and bag that I’m knitting. Knit, knit, knit…snoozers!

After this mess, I’m totally going to try my needles at entrelac using this tutorial and this one.

Oh yeah, and at some point, I still have to do a stinkin’ Shibori scarf. Porkchop found a nice substitution for glass marbles…river rocks! No two are alike!

All for now. Have a nice Tuesday afternoon!

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