I’ve been feeling like an afterthought lately…an idea that one might entertain for a moment and then dismiss with a wave of the hand.

Porkchop tried cheering me up by serenading me with her new iKaraoke (which actually kind of works!), but I still feel glum.


Present Weekend
Porkchop and I went to see my family in northeast Arkansas for an exhausting weekend. My sister and parents were all keyed up and played off each other’s respective quirks and foibles. There was nary a moment of silence.

This is how I spent most of my time:

Trying to finish that darned cabled scarf! Thankfully, it is done and given. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of it. Perhaps the owner could take a shot of the cabling and send it to me?

I took a breath from knitting to open some of these:

These are two of my favorite gifts received (even if they are from Anthropologie):

I gave these to my mom and sister:

Here are the insides, courtesy of Porkchop and her sewing skills:

Here are my sister and dad demonstrating an alternate use of the bags (a use that I do not condone):

My Favorite
My favorite present is a knitting needle case that Porkchop made out of scraps! So pretty! And nearly finished!

The Next Holiday
I hope the next weekend speeds by quickly. I haven’t had good luck with past New Year’s Eves, making it my least favorite holiday EVER.

The only good thing is time off of work. Oh yeah, and we get to kick 2006’s ass out the door.

2006 was the suckiest year for so many of my family, friends, and acquaintances. Yeah! Get the hell of here, 2006! Scram!

With our hastily made plans canceled for this year’s holiday, I think I’ll barricade myself in our apartment, teach myself some crochet, and get to bed early. Of course, if I plan this, our apartment will probably catch fire or all of my crochet hooks will mysteriously disappear.

Glum glum glum.


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