I Should Say This First

No knitting was done this weekend.

While I thought about knitting a lot, I didn’t pick up my needles at all. I looked at a lot of yarn – at Hearthstone Knits and Knitorious – and touched a lot of yarn and nattered on about sweater patterns and how maybe I should try sock knitting again, but I didn’t actually do any knitting.

The bottom line is this: my bottom line is painfully small and I don’t want to go into debt just so I can make a sweater. That’s it and that’s that.

I’m stuck with smaller projects for now.

Besides going to two yarn stores and grocery shopping, Porkchop and I met two of my co-workers and their partner-people for dinner at Thai Pizza, which totally exceeded my expectations. We didn’t have the pizza, but their peanut sauce and Thai iced teas were darn good. Also in the party was a co-worker’s 3-year-old (super-cute) and the person who used to have my job.

After stuffing myself on tofu and peanut sauce, we finished the evening at Ben & Jerry’s…which made our insides match our outsides, as the person who used to have my job noted.

Even though I woke up feeling lousy from sinus drainage, we arose bright and early (for a Sunday) and started the day by making cheddar scones. I highly recommend this recipe. It’s very straightforward and the results are awesome.

Here are ours (minus a few already-eaten ones):

Porkchop had hers plain while I enjoyed the scrambled egg-cheddar scone breakfast that I had been thinking about since Friday.

After doing things like exercising and taking a walk in the park, we ran some errands. These included picking up coffee for my dad’s birthday. We stopped by Kaldi’s on DeMun, and it was CRAZY!!! But the smell was heavenly.

Another errand was picking up a couple of pots and potting soil so that our plants have room to breathe and grow. Since I was feeling yucky, I watched while Porkchop did the repotting.

Porkchop repotted five plants in addition to the two baby plants that we added to our plant family. One of these new plants is a little jade plant. Jade plants are my favorite, but the last one we had died a mysterious death. I hope we’re better now and don’t do this one in.

After the plant extravaganza, we made this soup.

So much yum! From me, anyway. Porkchop did a really good job eating it for dinner, but she’s not too keen on taking it for lunch. But, soup and a scone was the perfect lunch for me, what with my sore throat and all.

Busy. And tired and a bit sick feeling.


Blues game.

Plaza seat tickets courtesy of me….and Ticketmaster Tuesdays.

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