A Dozen Umbrellas

I just bought a dozen umbrellas at Deals.

Our conference starts tomorrow night, and we don’t want the attendees walking in the forecasted rain, now do we? I am so exhausted from conference prep…I don’t really care if the attendees get wet.

I cannot wait until Sunday morning, when I will awake without a conference thought.

Here are my highlights from the past week…


We made tomato-peanut soup.


We watched For Your Consideration, which was amusing but did not match Waiting for Guffman.


We lunched at Stellina’s Pasta Café. Don’t judge them by their website, okay? Everything was super-delicious. I know that’s not exactly insightful, but I’m tired.

Porkchop had the turkey sandwich and surprised me by saying, “sunflower sprouts are the best thing ever.” Crazy! I had the butternut squash lasagne; it was just what I wanted. Butternut squash and bechamel sauce goodness with whole wheat (organic, of course) lasagne noodles. For pre-lunch dessert, I had a little coconut macaroon with a drizzle of chocolate.

I guess the word is getting out about Stellina’s….the place was so packed, we had to wait for a table. But it was definitely worth it.

So, not only did I see a co-worker at the café, I also saw a woman who I haven’t seen in 13 years. I knew her for 3 weeks the summer between my sophomore and junior year in high school when we attended the Missouri Scholars Academy. I saw her, and I kept saying to Porkchop, “I think I know her.” But I do that I lot, and sometimes I don’t know the person. So I didn’t say anything this time. It made me quite happy when she came over to our table to say that she thought she knew me.

After going to the library and Target, Porkchop and I went to her brother’s house, where I read while everyone else played the Wii.


After brunching at Mokabe’s, we did a lot of household tasks, like laundry and dishes and taking out the trash. Exhausting.

We also made a super-tasty dinner of oven roasted tofu with sauteed apples and my favorite cranberry-almond bulgur pilaf.

Yum! Check it out:

Have a great week! See you maybe on Sunday!


Nobody was hurt, but this sucks for my parents.

The Sonic in Dumas is the primary source of my parents’ income right now because the other store is sucking. So, the good store is going to be out of commission for a while.

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