Thirty More Days

Until our vacation! Yay!

In the meantime, work is serious craziness, allowing me nary a moment to update my blog at work. Boo! This displeases me since I’m not a big fan of computer-time outside of work. Alas…


Well, lookie here, what’s this?

A sock! A real live beginning of a sock! By me!

It’s Jaywalker in Bearfoot Ruby River by Mountain Colors. I could do without the mohair, but I’m pleased with it otherwise.

I hope the sock fits when finished! I got pretty close to the pattern gauge, which is a big step for me….checking gauge.

ALSO, I went out and bought size 1 double-pointed needles for these socks! Since Saturday night, I’ve already warped two of them. I imagine I will snap at least one before it’s over. Maybe I should hold my needles more loosely? Is that why I lost feeling in part of my right ring finger for a few hours after knitting on Saturday? Hmmm…

Anyway, there will be more of this from now on:

Finally, I can’t wait to make these Dashing mitts. I like these even more than the Fetching ones! With this set, I will pick my yarn more carefully. The Debbie Bliss cashmerino whatever pilled up like nothing else. Yuck yuck yuck.


Last week was depressing food-wise until I broke out the baked tofu and sesame green beans Thursday night. Friday night, we had a quick dinner from the Whole Foods hot bar. Better than it sounds! Also, who doesn’t love to buy buffet food by the pound?

For Saturday dinner, we had sage porkchops and mashed potatoes. Here’s Porkchop displaying the food and making a scary face. Don’t worry, she usually doesn’t act like this. Also, GROSS regarding the meat juices pooling at the bottom of the saucer.

Also on Saturday night, I made chocolate-hazelnut-date biscotti. YUM! Here’s one posed by Porkchop’s hot chocolate the next morning:

No recipe this week, but if you’re interested, you can find it in this Moosewood cookbook.

Yesterday we made sundried tomato and basil pesto pizza, and tonight I made whole wheat spaghetti with tofu, carrots, and snow peas with a peanut sauce.

So, things are looking up on the food front around here.

Other Things

Our dryer caught on fire Wednesday night last week. The fire died out after we turned the dryer off, and no clothes were harmed, but it still sucks.

On Saturday, Keetah and I met with the lady who will be checking in on Keetah while during our vacation. She said all the right things….Keetah is so beautiful, she isn’t overweight, and she has a pleasant personality.

Flattery will get you everywhere.

To keep up Keetah’s image, Porkchop bathed her later that day. Here she is all clean and good-smelling and enjoying the sun:

Last night, we watched Jesus Camp. Parts of it made us uncomfortable for different reasons. Porkchop doesn’t like people speaking in tongues, and I don’t like kids being shown figurines that misrepresent what fetuses look like during development (let alone that young kids really can’t comprehend the full complexity of abortion). However, we were both made uncomfortable by the fact that it takes place nearly entirely in MISSOURI.

Lee’s Summit, St. Robert….great! Terrific!

What we found endlessly amusing is that Ted Haggard is featured during part of the documentary, and he comes off as a real asshole.

On that note, good night! Have a great week!

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