Things Fall Apart*

Life, while overall just fine, has had a few bad spots lately. These things are starting to get me down:

  • Car problems. I’ve got a broken seat belt buckle, a nick in my windshield, and we recently drove to Rolla with close to no oil. Of these, the oil ticks me off the most because of the following: 1) I had my oil changed less than 3 months and less than 3500 miles ago, 2) my oil light never came on, and 3) it makes me feel stupid that I didn’t think that my engine knocking was perhaps due to low oil.
  • Work. My work queue is way backed up, and people keep giving me “urgent” things. I’m helping a project manager, who I generally like, plan for a conference in June. Unfortunately, she must think I do nothing else except wait for her phone calls and emails. Other stupid things have happened at work, and I wish people would just give me a day without interruption.
  • Back and neck problems. I carry stress in my back and neck, and I have a bit of curvature which doesn’t help things. Sometimes, especially at work in my non-ergonomic setting, I feel my back tensing up. Things came to a head Wednesday evening when I got on the bus and couldn’t really turn around or breathe without lots of pain. 17 hours and a Vicodin and half a muscle relaxer later, I was at a chiropractor’s office. I’m trying to be better about taking mini-breaks at work to do my neck exercises.
  • Sock problems. Upon reaching the point of my sock where I was to start the heel, I thought to myself, “This is where I repeat round one and knit every stitch.” And then I thought, “*@#$^%!,” because I had only been knitting ROUND TWO for the past 6 and 3/4 inches. Yeah, TOO much zig-zag. I somehow separated the fact that the pattern had two rounds, which I knew, from the actual act of knitting the pattern. That’s why this happened:


Oh well, at least I enjoy knitting the zig-zag pattern (even with the K round).

A Light Note
This past weekend was unexpected and great. Porkchop and I went to her parent’s house, where there is no cell phone reception and the internet connection is a slow dial-up. We did things like sit outside and knit and rip (me), plant flowers (Porkchop), go on a walk, and play Scrabble. We also had deviled eggs and home-made vanilla ice cream.

The weekend was topped off by going on a bike ride in the park after returning yesterday evening. Geez, when did the trees bloom and flower?? Crazy!

Actually, that didn’t top off the weekend. My weekend was topped off by me deciding to eat 1/4 of a cantaloupe, a big bunch of grapes, and an orange, all washed down by 5 glasses of water, an hour before going to bed. I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 2 am….murrrr!

Also during the weekend, we were reminiscing about things, and I was thinking about Porkchop’s birthday in Iowa. It’s a funny story. I had ordered a cake from Yummy’s, and for some reason, Porkchop was with me when I had to pick it up. Instead of staying in the car, because that would have been too easy, she went into the shop with me. Since she had promised to not look at the cake, Porkchop kept her eyes covered with her hand – with just a little space open at the bottom – on our way out to the car.

Instead of going to OUR car, Porkchop veered off towards another car. While I shouted, “Porkchop! Porkchop!” she shouted back, “I’m not looking! I’m not looking!” When her hand was on the door handle of a car with a very surprised occupant, I managed to finally get a word in and say, “That’s not our car!”

This story makes us laugh and laugh.

And now, my friends, I’m going to have a drink, because I’m at that point where I need a little drink to ease my worries.

*Probably one of the best book titles ever.

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