Overcoming Adversity

After watching The Office tonight, Porkchop and I started to make macaroons. We made the filling Tuesday night and were ready to finish using this recipe.

During the mixing, a combination of these things happened: Porkchop was working quickly, and I wasn’t paying 100% attention because I was headachy and also rinsing out a measuring cup.

During this brief moment, Porkchop poured the egg whites directly into the almond-sugar-cocoa mixture. Gasp! As you know, egg white just won’t get nice and stiff once mixed with other things. It messes up their molecular structure…or something like that.

Poor Porkchop….

But as you can see, instead of yielding to an inevitable shame spiral, we dug out our mini muffin pan and made….


Don’t mess with these babies!

I am proud of Porkchop for not getting frustrated and throwing the macaroon batter across the room. Also, when I accidentally knocked powdered sugar onto her face, shirt, and hoodie, she didn’t huff. Instead, she actually joined me in laughter at the absurdity of having powdered sugar all over the place. Yay!

Earlier this week we had cooking success with these curried cider-braised pork chops. Yum!

Yarn Adversity
I’m still working on my first sock; I’ve finally got some heel action started.

I enjoy knitting these Jaywalkers, so I don’t mind that it’s taking so long. Also, I don’t have money to buy tons of yarn, so this is perfect.

Actually, I usually get in just a few pattern repeats over my lunch break, so it’s surprising that I’m this far along. Maybe I’ll finish this weekend! That’s a big maybe.

Work Adversity
The only adversity on this front is that I’m still SO BUSY! I had my 6-month review this week (really 7-month, but whatever), and it went tremendously well.

I didn’t expect, and I didn’t receive, a raise, but they did want to give me one. I also found out that the university has put a 3% cap on all raises, which sucks, especially since my center doesn’t receive a cent from the university and should be able to spend their funds as they like. Grrrr! Fortunately, my center does do end-of-year bonuses.

Bus Adversity
On Monday morning, an old man told me that he likes the way I dress and that it turns him on.

Then I punched him and threw up on him.

Actually, I didn’t. But I wanted to. Sometimes, however, you have to pick your battles carefully. And I just didn’t want to start my Monday morning by getting into a fight with an old guy on a crowded bus (and when I write crowded, I mean jam-freaking-packed).

I hate the bus.

Apartment Adversity
I have to get serious about finding a new, cheaper apartment.

This makes me sad.

Also tired.

This Weekend
Hopefully no adversity.

Saturday is the Tower Grove farmers market. We also get our AMR device installed, so Laclede can finally start sending us regular readings. Our landlord can be a lackadaisical blowhard. He’s had how many years to get that installed?

We did get a new air conditioning unit installed (not that we need it now), and he checked out our dryer. Even though he deemed it safe to use, I’m a bit leery and check it every few minutes.

Okay, I think that’s it…

Have a great Friday!


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