A Case of the Grumbles

Porkchop and I have returned from the World of Disney to our mundane lives in the City of St. Louis.

Someday, I’m sure the good times we had and the good food consumed will outweigh the giant sinus infection that I’m currently experiencing, but at the moment, I can only think of how Disney World made me sick. The enormous difference in temperature between outside and inside plus all the recirculated air plus riding Test Track on a chilly night finally got to me (and to Porkchop, who seems to have some sort of cold). With all the meds I sampled from our hotel’s gift shop, the multiple trips to Walgreen’s here, and my trip to the urgent care center yesterday, I’ve spent quite a bit of money on this stupid sinus infection.

I’m cranky. And tired.

I wish my sulfa drug would kick in soon and kick this infection in the ass. I’ve decided to drop the stupid decongestant/antihistamine drug(s) and concentrate on cleansing my sinuses with my SinuCleanse stuff. You would be amazed at what you can flush out of your sinuses! I think that if I’d had my neti pot and saline solution at Disney World, I would not be suffering so much right now.

When I was stocking up on more dry saline packets today, the cashier at Walgreen’s asked me if the stuff really worked. When I confirmed the fact that it does, I had to demonstrate how it works. This consisted of me describing the neti pot as like a little watering can and tilting my head to the side and illustrating the flow of the water with my finger. I’m sure the cashier thought I was a bit weird, but she did ask. Maybe I should have directed her to the demo video on the website.

So what makes me most upset about my current state of health is that I had all sorts of grand plans for my final two days of vacation, and now I’m stuck sleeping late and dragging myself around. Murrrr.

This morning I mainly sat around, conserving my strength to go buy tickets for tonight’s showing of aka Nikki S. Lee. The art museum’s website states the film will be introduced by Lee…I’m not sure if this means Nikki S. Lee in-person or a filmed intro. I hope it means in-person.

What About Knitting?
I came thisclose to finishing my first sock before leaving for vacation. Since I didn’t want to attempt learning kitchener stitch at 11:00 the night before I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning, I decided to put the grafting on hold and take my gear with me in the hopes of starting the second sock while traveling.

I caught these two items this morning in their natural state.

First, the nearly finished sock lazing on the sewing table:

Second, the recently started sock with an inch of ribbing:

I would start knitting right now, but I need to maybe nap and save energy for the film tonight!

I hope to feel tons better tomorrow.


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