Still Here

Hi! Here is what I’ve been up to in bullet-point form:

  • I found an apartment and signed a lease…all in the space of less than 4 days! Beginning in June, Porkchop and I will be keeping it real on Montana. The plusses: rent is $250 cheaper a month for nearly the same amount of space, it’s closer to the South Grand Ted Drewes, it has radiator heat (love radiators! no more dry air!), and the owner’s sister lives below us which means I won’t have a nearly $400 gas bill in the winter. The minuses: it’s not as knock-out pretty and grand as our current place, it’s further from the fun places on South Grand, the kitchen has zero counter space, and it doesn’t have central air. I think these things balance each other out. Also, I don’t think the new place is infested with house centipedes, so that’s a major plus.
  • I’m sick. Again. I was nearing recovery and then major post-nasal drip started yesterday. Yuck. I’m tired of feeling shitty.
  • I have 3 cavities. Murrrr. But, my gums are quite healthy.
  • Porkchop has started back at Six Flags. This means lonely times for me.
  • Our Airport Express got zapped during the big storm Tuesday evening. We also think our ethernet cord is shot. So….we currently don’t have Internet access at home. I know! How do we survive?
  • We shed a tear Wednesday night when Phil had to leave AI. Yeah, he annoyed the heck of me, so I don’t know why I was sad to see him go. But, Chris R., finally!
  • I’m making okay progress with my second Jaywalker. I’ll turn the heel soon, and then the foot should go quickly.

I guess that’s it.

I’m hoping to make a chocolate-orange-hazelnut poundcake this weekend! Yum! Hopefully my yuckiness will pass, and I won’t spend the weekend sleeping.


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