Setting my Alarm Clock

Guess what I get to do tomorrow morning at 7 am…

Join a conference call regarding the international symposium that I’ve been trying to avoid!

For the next 6 Tuesdays, I will either be on a call at 7 am or 8 pm. In my book, this sucks big time. Luckily, the 8 pm ones will start after our next American Idol is announced (if my calculations are correct, anyway).

Work was totally weird today. I accomplished practically zero things. The weirdness starting by me receiving two emails completely in Chinese, with the exception of my name (a project manager provided translation). After our director hijacked the staff meeting, completely pushing aside the prepared agenda, things just went downhill.

I was in meetings for 3 hours. For the other 4.5 (yes, I usually have a 7.5 hour workday), I can’t tell you what I did. Well, okay, I reserved a U-Haul, but that didn’t take so long.

I knit two rows on my sock heel during lunch. Watch out! This sock is moving FAST.

After the season finale of Lost (I seriously don’t watch THAT much TV, okay? I follow 3 shows, and that’s only because we got sucked into American Idol this season. My other show is The Office.), I might start going to Knit Night at Knitorious. It seems like everyone loves it. I feel like I’m missing out on knitting coolness.

I’m currently marinating chicken for this mango-chicken recipe. When Porkchop gets home, she’ll fire up the grill. Yum!

I’m hoping that a shaved ice will be had after dinner. However, I don’t know if the stands stay open so late. We shall see.

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