The Moving Blues

Wow, I CANNOT wait to get all of our books packed! Urgh, books are the worst to pack and there are so many!

I find books to be the worst because I can’t stop opening up random ones and skimming through them for the best parts. Also, I just packed my old journals, which took FOREVER because I had to read certain passages and relive the high and lowlights of a half dozen years. I think it would be worth it to hire someone to pack my books and journals – it would certainly take less time.

On Tuesday night, Porkchop and I packed a few boxes of books, some framed items and other breakable things, and the contents of our little blue cabinet. The blue cabinet is the repository of photos (from childhood on up to maybe 2003 when we stopped taking picture photos), correspondence, stationery, some knitting things, and an assortment of random little things. We got trapped in relationship reconstruction and read nearly every card, note, and handmade book that Porkchop has given me. Luckily, my things to Porkchop are kept somewhere else (supposedly anyway, I’ve never seen this place). It took well over an hour to do this.

We are much too easily distracted to get this packing job done quickly.

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