Packing and More Packing with Cleaning Thrown in for Fun


If I have to pack one more item, my head will freaking explode.

There are more things to pack.

We get the U-Haul tomorrow morning, then pick up the washer and dryer that my office-mate is giving me (yay!, but she lives a half-hour away), and then start taking things to the new apartment. I readied the new place today with swiffering, mopping, dusting, and laying down grip liner (still need 2-3 more rolls).

While cleaning the one sizable cabinet in the kitchen, I discovered that a smoker lived in the apartment at some point and obviously smoked a lot in the kitchen. While the rest of the kitchen was painted, the inside of the built-in cabinet was not. If I remember, I’ll take a picture of the striations caused by spraying cleaner on the inside wall and letting it run down. While I was able to get rid of a bunch of the nicotine gunk, I’ll have to go back in with a magic eraser.

I don’t question the magic eraser because I love it SO MUCH.

Anyway, if I (still) smoked, seeing and smelling the difference between non-smoker walls and smoker walls would definitely make me quit.

More disjointed thoughts…

I hope to post pictures of the new place tomorrow and hopefully our old place (once free of boxes) at some point. For historical purposes.

Our internet access at home will experience a lapse between this Tuesday and the following Monday. Sometimes I forget that you have to make things like appointments with the cable company. Murrr.

KT and BD were in town late Friday night and Saturday morning. We had drinks at Van Goghz Friday night and then had brunch at La Dolce Via in the morning (minus Porkchop who had to work). As I’ve written before, La Dolce Via is super-fantastic, EXCEPT they need to add a few more vegetarian meal items.

Before KT and BD arrived, Porkchop and I dined at the Pitted Olive. The Olive’s garlic frites are out of this world. Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go get some garlic frites!

The toilet in the new place runs unnecessarily. I hate to start complaining about things already, but I guess I must.

The new place has only 4 sets of blinds that need washing. When we moved to Arsenal Street, I had to wash ALL of the blinds. That’s 12 sets of blinds, most of which are 5 feet tall. And, no, not washing dirty blinds is NOT an option. Just like not cleaning ceiling fans is not an option (2 in the new place versus 5 in the old place). The new place also has less woodwork that, while pretty, requires regular dusting.

I’m tired, but I have to pack more kitchen stuff. Blech.

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