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Going Through Things

It’s another terrific-weather day. I love low humidity!

After Porkchop left for Six Flags, I did yoga, had lunch, and took Porkchop’s car in for an oil change. Hey, Mother’s Day is the best day ever to get an oil change! There was no wait, so I was in an out in 10 minutes.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I was just contemplating my bookcase, trying to decide if there are any books that I want to purge before moving. Scanning the shelves, I came across a book in which my mom had a poem published about 4 years ago. It was one of those books for which you answered an ad in a magazine and perhaps paid to have your poem published. Something like that.

But, my mom’s poem is really good – I think that’s why it’s the first poem in the book. Dude, people should have paid her to publish it, not the other way around. Anyway, I’m violating copyright laws and reproducing the poem here.

Sunday Clothes Christians
Rushing to church.
Rushing past the hunger.
Rushing past the hurt.

Sunday Clothes Christians
In a hurry. Can’t be late!
Got to hear about so and so’s cruise
And make that golf date.

Hurrying down the freeway
In the SUV. White of course!
Hurrying past the dreary slums
The bag ladies and the worn out bums.

Can’t stop! Can’t help!
Cause Sunday Clothes Christians
Can’t be late!

My mom doesn’t write poetry on a regular basis or do any sort of writing outside of business-related things and personal correspondence. Even if she did, it’s a terrific poem. It’s pretty cool that she was inspired to pen a poem about people in her neighborhood and that she published it.

Other Things
While Keetah did this:

I’ve been pulling clothes out of my closet and dresser that I want to part with. These are among the items:

Yeah, I think it’s finally time to say goodbye to my Vans. I remember purchasing them when I was 15….we’ve been through a lot together. But, I haven’t worn them for at least 2 years. They’re pretty beat and holes are starting to wear in the soles.

Well….onto other closets and more purging.

More Things

Since Porkchop won’t get home until around 11:00 tonight, I’m updating my blog again. I’m currently enjoying a coffee stout (still working on my pack from December), listening to This American Life, and eating one of these:

These mocha macaroons (I would call them meringues, but I guess they are technically macaroons) are one of the best things ever. You can find them at the TG farmers’ market, and I highly recommend them. I first had them at the Harvest Festival last October, and I’m glad to have a regular supply of them now. I’ve already had 3 today.

So, I took care of this during the afternoon:

The Glass Doctor came and replaced the window, and the church pastor called and said that they would refund me next week. I’m glad this was just a small disturbance in my day.

After doing the week’s grocery shopping (P.S. Trader Joe’s is actually tolerable on Saturday late afternoons), I came home and made roasted asparagus (bought at the farmers’ market) with penne and a goat cheese sauce. Yum!

Here are some other recently made things:

The mango salsa for the braised porkchops last week…so pretty!

Roasted chicken and potatoes…so good!

And banana bread that I made last night. I used this recipe because it was one of the few that I found that didn’t use oil and that used more whole wheat flour than white flour. Instead of walnuts, I used dates because that’s what I had. Very good!

May in Review
May has been a rough month, so I thought I would do a mid-month review, in case you haven’t been listening to my complaining:

  • I’ve been sick for all of May.
  • On the day that I looked at the apartment for which I signed a lease, the following things happened: 1) Our Airport Express got zapped in a storm. 2) Our modem got zapped in the same storm. 3) I fell exiting my car from the passenger side, sliding on the muddy mulch in the storm. I received a nasty bruise on my leg and my left thumbnail bed was torn up. I still have a lumpy, painful bruise, but my nail bed is healing well.
  • Porkchop is now at Six Flags on the weekends, which makes me sad.
  • I have done little knitting.
  • I get easily irritated at work because of the poor planning that has been done so far on an upcoming international conference.
  • I have a new pair of Keens (not a complaint). I was going to buy these last weekend at REI, but my inability to breath kept me from doing so. Porkchop ended up surprising me with them Monday evening. Here I am wondering if they are actually ugly, or if they are okay. After Porkchop put them on to demonstrate what they look like to the non-wearer, I felt much better. I like them and they’re super comfortable.
  • I’ve finally scheduled movers for the end of May; now I have to line up a truck.
  • My car window was broken and fixed today.

I’m wondering what the rest of the month will bring.

A Beautiful Morning…

This is a terrific morning; the weather is perfect windows-open, snuggle in bed time.

Also, with the first outdoor TG market of the season, what could be better?

These were my thoughts this morning. La, la, la, yay, yay, yay, nice weather and things to do. The plan was for Porkchop to drop me off at the market, me to shop around, walk home, take Porkchop’s car in for an oil change, exercise, pack, and so forth.

Unfortunately, when we walked out the front door, our thoughts were, “ooooohhh, shhhhiiiiit.” Because…my front passenger car window was broken! Awesome!

At first I thought someone had broken in to steal one of these things: my Camera Obscura CD, my umbrella that doesn’t really work, or my bag of car trash (water bottles, Kleenexes, etc.).

It turns that the gentleman mowing the next-door church’s grass hit a rock and the mower threw the rock and it broke my window. What bad luck!

I hate that this happened, but I am also amazed at the chain of coincidences that leads up to such events.

If only my car had been parked in another spot, if only the guy had noticed the rock, if only we had left earlier.

Anyway, it sucks.

I’m about to call the pastor’s personal cell phone to talk about getting reimbursed for my window. The quote is $230, and I have a $500 deductible, so…. As much as I hate to take money from this little church, I don’t have a lot of spare change at this moment to pay for a window that I didn’t break.

I took my dad’s advice (something I rarely do) and went ahead and scheduled the glass people to come out. They’ll be here sometime today.

I love services where it’s just “sometime today.”

The Littlest Birds (Sing the Prettiest Songs)*

During lunch today, I watched a robin feeding her little ones. The nest is on a windowsill in my school’s courtyard – seems like an odd spot since there’s no foliage to protect the nest, but I guess it works.

I just saw my blog on a list of regularly updated blogs….so I decided I should perhaps post an update!

Yesterday I went through the 1200+ emails in my work inbox and whittled it down to 68. It’s now up to 90. Blech. I get sick of email at work, which explains why I’m an irregular emailer outside of work. I don’t like to spend non-work time on something that reminds me of work.


The other night, Porkchop and I tossed around the idea of driving to Columbia after work today for Shakespeare’s. My favorite pizza: half tomato/half pineapple with pepper jack cheese on a wheat crust. We’ll probably end up not doing that, since neither of us mentioned it this morning and Porkchop hasn’t responded to my text message about it. Maybe we’ll stay in the neighborhood and try Black Thorn’s pizza.

We’ve had an awesome week of dinners at home: corn chowder, braised porkchops with mango salsa, baked tofu, and roasted chicken and potatoes. Yum! But, I’m tired of cooking now and need a little break.

This Weekend
Tomorrow is the first outdoor Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, and I’m quite looking forward to it. I’m excited for asparagus, strawberries, and baked goods.

Also, this weekend, I need to do more move preparation. I still don’t have movers lined up. Murrr. After the rain yesterday evening, I stepped out on our deck and realized how sad I’ll be to leave our apartment. I wouldn’t mind moving for a house; I’m tired of apartment-living.

Update: I now have movers scheduled. Now to rent a truck.

I’m embarrassed to give a knitting update….I’ve only started the heel of my second sock. Someday….

Other News
We are back on-line at home! Yay!!!

Porkchop spent the evening uploading photos for our vacation blog, so I didn’t have a chance to luxuriate in our wireless. Okay, I could have used the computer in the office, but that’s also the cat litter room. It can be awkward to be at the computer while Keetah is taking care of her business. [P.S. Keetah is still alive. Porkchop found ribbon-filled poop while scooping the other night, so maybe Keetah’s troubles have passed (intentional double-entendre).]

Have a great weekend!

*Is there anything sweeter than The Be Good Tanyas‘ song?

52 Minutes Later

I was finally able to convince the Motorola customer service rep that our modem’s ethernet port is bad. We should be back on-line at home in 3-5 business days. Finally.

I really want pad thai with tofu from Bangkok Gardens in Columbia. I don’t consider BG seriously “authentic” Thai food, but I love their pad thai. Way back when, I lived just a few blocks down Ninth Street from the original location. Porkchop and I ate there A LOT.

For a while, one of the BG co-owners lived across the hallway from me. He was a bit creepy for reasons that I won’t say. I also won’t say what this guy obviously spent most of his money on because these things might be considered slanderous or something like that. Also, maybe you know this guy and you think I’m being mean.

Anyway, I haven’t been to BG since they moved. I can’t imagine it’s quite the same. I mean, I guess you no longer get to have a beer and hang out in Ninth Street Deli while you wait for a table.

I’m going crazy over another conference! This one is out of the country and involves three other organizations. Needless to say, it is difficult to just send out an email requesting hotel check-in/out dates from people. This morning I was told to send the email, and then two hours later I was told to wait until tomorrow. Grrrrr.

Still Off-Line

So, we still can’t connect to the Internet at home! GRRRRR! GRRRR! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Apple gave us a newly refurbished Airport Express and I bought a new ethernet cord, but now it seems the modem’s ethernet port is bad. Unfortunately, the Motorola people would not believe me last night when I called their customer service line – they tried to say that it was possible that both my laptop port AND the Airport Express port are bad. Ha! We have now tested our iMac port with the modem (no luck), and I connected my laptop to my school’s network without any problem. So, take that Motorola customer service reps! You will be hearing from me tonight!

I am so so so tired of these Internet problems.

I am also tired of not feeling well. I feel okay today, but it’s a fake, medicine-y okay. On Saturday, my right nostril closed up COMPLETELY. It was horrible! I now have a steroid nose spray and the generic Allegra. For the first time in a few days, I am breathing freely. But, I know it will start to wear off this evening.

Enough about my health problems, let’s move to our cat’s problems. On top of Internet and sinus/allergy yuckiness, Keetah woke us up at 4:00 am with puking noises. Actually, I had to go to the bathroom, and then I heard her making weird noises. After staying up with her for about 45 minutes and witnessing her go through vomit motions twice, Porkchop only found a few small puddles of liquid in the other bedroom. Since Keetah was prancing around and demanding to be petted, we figured she was okay.

This morning, as I was rushing out the living room to catch my bus, I stepped in a puddle of cat vomit. Ewwww! Luckily, I had shoes on. I think Porkchop once stepped in a puddle while barefoot. Anyway, then I noticed the vomit on the couch and the stuff out in the hallway. Poor Keetah.

I am afraid that maybe she ate some ribbon attached to a balloon that Porkchop received during her kidney donation. It is a long story and it’s my fault. Anyway, we hope that Keetah is okay and that the ribbon hasn’t wrapped itself around her colon. If she is still acting off-character, we’ll take her to the vet.

So, between all of these things, I haven’t felt like thinking about moving. Must consider scheduling moving help and packing boxes and changing addresses and switching utilities over. Groan.

No knitting progress has been made, and I haven’t made my poundcake yet. Murrr.

Here’s to a better week!

Still Here

Hi! Here is what I’ve been up to in bullet-point form:

  • I found an apartment and signed a lease…all in the space of less than 4 days! Beginning in June, Porkchop and I will be keeping it real on Montana. The plusses: rent is $250 cheaper a month for nearly the same amount of space, it’s closer to the South Grand Ted Drewes, it has radiator heat (love radiators! no more dry air!), and the owner’s sister lives below us which means I won’t have a nearly $400 gas bill in the winter. The minuses: it’s not as knock-out pretty and grand as our current place, it’s further from the fun places on South Grand, the kitchen has zero counter space, and it doesn’t have central air. I think these things balance each other out. Also, I don’t think the new place is infested with house centipedes, so that’s a major plus.
  • I’m sick. Again. I was nearing recovery and then major post-nasal drip started yesterday. Yuck. I’m tired of feeling shitty.
  • I have 3 cavities. Murrrr. But, my gums are quite healthy.
  • Porkchop has started back at Six Flags. This means lonely times for me.
  • Our Airport Express got zapped during the big storm Tuesday evening. We also think our ethernet cord is shot. So….we currently don’t have Internet access at home. I know! How do we survive?
  • We shed a tear Wednesday night when Phil had to leave AI. Yeah, he annoyed the heck of me, so I don’t know why I was sad to see him go. But, Chris R., finally!
  • I’m making okay progress with my second Jaywalker. I’ll turn the heel soon, and then the foot should go quickly.

I guess that’s it.

I’m hoping to make a chocolate-orange-hazelnut poundcake this weekend! Yum! Hopefully my yuckiness will pass, and I won’t spend the weekend sleeping.