Project: Grow Hair

St. Louis is overwhelmingly and stiflingly humid in the summer, and this is an understatement at best.

Local readers need no other description, but how do I describe the humidity to those unfamiliar with this area?

Breathing is difficult, any movement leaves one drenched in sweat, and my face breaks out in tiny little pimples because my pores are so suffocated.

So, of course, the summer is the perfect time for me to grow my hair out a bit. Yes, I’m sure I won’t be at all annoyed with the frizziness that is guaranteed to ensue.

For the past 8 years or so, I’ve had short hair…sometimes a shaved head and sometimes hair approaching the 3-inch mark (long in my book, short in others’). So, I’m curious to see what my somewhat wavy and curly hair looks like now. Armed with the knowledge I’ve developed over the past half-dozen years concerning all sorts of hair products (paste, wax, pomade, clay, fiber, gel, foam, mixing products, I’ve done it all), I’m confident I can embrace hair that is longer than 3 inches and even enjoy its quirky little curls.

But, the real reason I want to grow my hair out a bit is so that I can cut it all off.

Just as it’s difficult to convey how freaking humid it is here during the summer, it is impossible for me to explain the joy I experience from getting my hair whacked off.

I LOVE haircuts, especially haircuts that give a very noticeable result.

I will suffer through months of trims and perhaps summer frizz-head so that I can experience a REALLY GOOD haircut.

We’re back online at home. Look for Keetah portraits and old apartment pictures soon!


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