Life on Montana Street

So, you know what freaks me out?

Hearing gunshots while I sit on the couch, updating my blog.


I’ve since turned off the front room lights and retreated to the bedroom. You know, I don’t want anyone to get the idea to send a bullet through my window or something like that.

Don’t worry, this is nothing new, really. We would hear random (as in, not on a holiday or after a Cardinals victory) shots on Arsenal Street, and one night, a police helicopter kept circling our area, shining its spotlight.

Anyway…there are lots of sirens in the distant, which is weird because the shots seemed much closer, but maybe they aren’t related.

Well, enough about that…

My day started with a 50-minute massage at Healing Arts Center student clinic (only $30) and is coming to a close with me eating cantaloupe and triple-cream cheese on crackers (and listening to gunshots). Not a bad way to bookend the day (except for the gunshots).

The rest of the day was generally frustrating with me running errands and trying to find things like curtains, shelving for the kitchen, and a kitchen cart. I found everything EXCEPT the kitchen shelving and kitchen cart. Why must these kitchen carts be so freaking expensive! I’ve finally found one that I actually like online from Home Depot, but it’s $190!! Grrr!!!

Porkchop could theoretically build one, but she has no time, what with working 7 days a week and all.

After spending my day driving around and looking at horrible “wood” things, I spent a good part of the evening unpacking. Again. It’s hard because I have to be so creative with storing things in the kitchen, which means it takes FOREVER.

Last night, while unpacking my teas, I considered replacing this box, which now holds miscellaneous teas, with something else:

But then I became a bit nostalgic and realized this box has been with me in 8 different apartments. I bought this box of rooibos tea in 1998 in Cambridge, where I spent a week at King’s College. Why replace it now? Why not just wait until it falls apart completely?

Scenes from the New Apartment

One of the few pictures we have of the new apartment sans furniture and boxes is this one of the windows in the living room:

Keetah loves the windows in this apartment because the sills are wide enough for her to lie on them. There was only one window in the old apartment with a sill wide enough for Keetah to lounge upon, so I think she actually enjoys this apartment more. See, here she is in the bedroom:

Since the place is still a mess, I will try to distract you with photos of plants…

Our crazy upside-down tomato plants, for example:

Also, our nice-smelling rosemary plant:

Tomorrow, I hope to check out the new local organic store on Morgan Ford….Local Harvest. Since it’s only open until 2:00 on Sundays, I’ll have to hurry!


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