Mildly Disappointing Curry

Last night, I was excited to make this recipe because it has all the makings of a good curry, for example, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, onions, curry powder, and coconut milk.

But, the name of the recipe is spot-on. It was mild. Too mild. My taste buds were bored beyond belief. The dish isn’t gross, it’s just ho-hum. It’s a curry that you could eat while battling a stomach ailment with no problem whatsoever.

I thought the lunch leftovers might be better, but they weren’t.

Anyway, I did learn something while making this dish. I learned that, if you are grinding up ginger, onions, garlic, and lemongrass to a paste, you should not put your nose directly over the concoction for a good whiff. I did this and was temporarily blinded from all of those concentrated fumes! Wow, that hurt! I guess I should have remembered my high school chemistry teacher demonstrating how to correctly waft fumes.

Tonight and Beyond
Yay for Thursdays! After Porkchop picks me up from work, we’re going to find something good to eat and then find some presents for my family. We’re making a trip to Arkansas tomorrow. I usually make a trip in early June to help celebrate my brother’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Father’s Day.

Last night, I requested that my dad make his banana pudding. I’m no longer declaring that my dad makes the best freakin’ banana pudding ever because I don’t want to offend Porkchop and her family’s banana pudding, which she claims is the best ever.

Ah, banana pudding…a hotly contested subject it seems.

Anyway, my dad somehow developed his own recipe, the base of which is the filling for a vanilla creme pie from one of my mom’s mom’s cookbook. I really like that my dad developed his own recipe.

However, I made my mom promise that my dad would make it with real sugar; he’s been using splenda a lot lately, and I think that is disgusting. And unhealthier than real sugar. I also made my mom promise to monitor my dad and make sure that he doesn’t put in any add-ins like protein powder.

Last year, while making chocolate gravy, I hear that he destroyed the batch by adding protein powder. If you’re eating chocolate gravy, do you really care about the health aspects? Sometimes my dad just simply puzzles me.

But, his banana pudding…totally awesome.

Now I also want chocolate gravy, hold the protein powder.


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