In Asia, cell phones are referred to as “handphones,” and this is noted in address books as HP. This is a tidbit that I’ve learned during conference planning. I find it fascinating.

Our trip to Arkansas was terrific, and we won $20 from a scratch-off ticket. The prize money was reinvested in powerball tickets.

My work week has SUCKED. On Tuesday, I had 3 conference calls: 7:00, 11:00, and 1:00. All lasted over an hour.

This afternoon, I took a quick jaunt to the immigration office downtown on behalf of a co-worker. It’s a looooong story. Anyway, TIP: schedule appointments with the immigration officers in the afternoon. It’s much less crowded then. Heck, I was the only one there. Also, immigration office building…the best people-watching.

Anyway, I am tired and no longer care if I make mistakes in things like contact lists and bios.



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