Thursdays are the Best, Part 2

After work yesterday, I accompanied Porkchop to her haircut. Her stylist was recently fired from a salon which shall not be named here because she asked for a raise, so she now works on the Loop at V. Vegaz. Not only is this salon so hip it makes my teeth hurt, but it is also Salon of Stylists Past. You see, the stylist who we used to both visit also works there! After that stylist either left or was booted from our local salon, Porkchop stayed at the salon while I switched. Now Porkchop has followed her stylist (ssshhhh, don’t tell!) to her new salon.

The salon industry is kind of junk. Stylists should be allowed to notify their clients when they leave a salon. No questions.

Once Porkchop was all spiffed up, we went to Dewey’s for pizza (at the suggestion of P-chop’s stylist). I guess this is perhaps a small chain? Anyway, it was great! We had a pizza that was half Green Lantern (pesto, artichoke, mushrooms, goat cheese, yum) and half BBQ chicken. I also had a strawberry macadamia nut salad. Everything was terrific, except the place was totally Kid Central (I waited all through dinner to say this to Porkchop in the parking lot, “Man, that place was totally Kid Central.”). Nothing against kids…there were just a ton of them and the space was very echoey and loud.

After our great pizza, we trekked down to Webster Groves for Serendipity. YAYYYYYY!!!!

I was able to have gold coast chocolate and cinnamon. I definitely recommend this combination. Meanwhile, Porkchop had a GINORMOUS waffle cone of cookies and cream. HUGE! And, tasty!

On our way home, we stopped and rented Breach. Not my favorite genre, but we were both intrigued after hearing a NPR interview with the real (former) FBI agent who helped take down Robert Hanssen, the WORST SPY IN HISTORY (as you are reminded throughout the film). We were both a little disappointed. Maybe listening to the movie with commentary from the agent would be more interesting.

During the movie, I knitted. Because that’s what I need to do in all spare time. I wish I could knit right now, but that would be too obvious.

When I worked at the software company in Madison, one of my co-workers had a big recliner in her cube. Were I still there, I would totally go to her cube and knit. Because at a software company where the marketing video depicts a Nerf gun fight between developers (something that never happened in real life), you could always claim that you were thinking and brainstorming. Yeah. Here, it would just be considered not working. But, I digress.

Have a great Friday!

P.S. If you want to see updated photos of Porkchop’s kidney donation scars, visit her kidney blog.

P.P.S. I’ve updated my sidebar links to more accurately reflect the blogs and other sites I visit regularly. I’ll add more as I think of it. I’m trying to be better at updating the sidebar things. Believe me, I’ve read more books than currently listed.

P.P.P.S. Sometimes I don’t remember that the Feministing website is a .com and not a .org. If you use .org, you’re directed to a most stupid and vile website.


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