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At Frayed Ends

I wish I could reach through my computer and give a good shake to a guy who is making my day HELL.

I’m trying to remain equanimous.

This matter is not important enough to rain on my Thursday parade. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.


Also, I miss coffee. A LOT.

One morning, I saw my neighbors across the alley stepping out onto their backporch with coffee mugs in hand. Just sipping and looking out at the yard.



At Loose Ends

Tonight is a ho-hum evening. I moved through yoga without really getting into it, and I ate my grilled cheese and tomato sandwich without much enjoyment.

I should be planning parts of our trip to Albuquerque, but doing so makes me sad. I should also be either making a grocery list or putting away some of the straggling move boxes, but these things sound as fun as driving a nail through my hand.

I’m bored. Porkchop won’t be home until around 10:00, and then it will be nearly time to go to bed.

At least last night was fun. Since Porkchop was on the early shift, we met at Meskerem, the Ethiopian restaurant on Grand, at 7:30. After a tasty meal of lentil sambosas (yum!), chicken tibs, and miser wat, we went to Van Goghz for a drink. My drink was actually kind of crappy and the worst server was on shift, but it was nice to just hang out…even though Porkchop was mainly watching the Cardinals game. Leisure evenings together are already rare and will soon be limited to every six weeks or thereabouts, so I will settle for watching baseball while having a crappy drink.

ANYWAY, Kathy received the hat. Yay!

Meanwhile, my Beach Fog scarf is idling in my bag while I make an umbilical cord baby hat and while I read Up High in the Trees. This book is entirely responsible for my and Porkchop’s respective recent malaises. It is that good.

I think Sebby Lane and Oskar Schell would be good friends.

Stress Relief

Right now I’m imagining myself as an animated character with steam coming out of my ears.

I get SO tired of pushing back on a particular person here and effectively saying, “NO, that’s your job. I am not your handmaiden.”

This is the same person who often calls me on my cell phone in the evening.

I don’t answer those calls because, hello, I work 8:30 – 5:00….it’s not like I’m salaried.

Jesus H.


This is what Carrie would look like as an animated character with steam coming out of her ears.

A Good Day for Melons

Isn’t this beautiful?

I picked up this little watermelon at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market, along with these items:

There’s a cantaloupe, the melon, some slicers, an heirloom tomato, grape tomatoes, mocha meringues, and a mocha macaroon. I also included the squash that my co-worker gave me.

The cantaloupe was deliciously fragrant and tasty! I sliced it up along with the melon. I think the cantaloupe is honey rock, but I can’t remember. The vendor had samples out, including a sample of ambrosia cantaloupe. YUM YUM YUM! They had already sold out of that variety, so I will try to get to the market at opening next week. But the melon…oh the melon. When I cut into it, I heard exactly what you want to hear….the melon ripping open on its own accord. I could have eaten the whole melon, but I’m saving some for Porkchop.

Growing up in the Bootheel proper, I’ve eaten A LOT of watermelons. Up until I was nine, we lived adjacent to a watermelon field and would frequently pick our own melons (the farmer was okay with this, we weren’t stealing melons). I even remember the first time I had a yellow meat melon. My mom and I were driving to Jonesboro, AR, and we stopped off along the St. Francis River bridge, where a truck was selling red and yellow melons. The yellow melon I bought today definitely rivals those I ate growing up. You see, I’m a bit of a melon snob and (used) to believe that you couldn’t get a good melon anywhere north of Sikeston.

Anyway…enough about melons.

While Porkchop and her niece go to Six Flags tomorrow, I’m going to look at houses in University City with one of my co-workers. I love looking at houses, so I’m pretty excited.

Porkchop is having quite the family weekend it seems. Her mom stayed the night with us last night while Porkchop’s dad was in the hospital. He had been experiencing severe chest pains for the past couple of months…turns out he had two blockages and hardly any blood flow to a portion of his heart! One blockage was right by the stent inserted in February. The doctors inserted two more stents and don’t seem to know what the deal is. Before the heart catheterization, the doctors were skeptical that anything was wrong beause his stress test showed no problems. Porkchop’s dad had to press really really hard for the heart catheterization – the doctors didn’t want to do it – WTF?? It’s fortunate that he didn’t have a heart attack.

SLU hospital kind of sucks.

This is the Best Costume for Today

While doing my little grand-eyelet-on-the-bias experiment yesterday, I realized that it results in straight up-and-down and across rows and columns.

Not what I wanted.

I’m now sticking with the regular version and am pleased with it. Easy and plain, but what I want. Maybe I’ll dress it up with some fringe (gasp!).

Food Last Night, or Why Porkchop Should Love Me
I caved in to Porkchop’s request for Buffalo Wild Wings last night. There is no need for explanation as to why I don’t enjoy visiting that franchise.

On the way back home, we listened to the end of the Cardinals game. We were turning into our street when it was officially announced that the Cards won. I did a YES motion with my arms (to humor Porkchop), and then we high-fived. The car might have stopped during this commotion. At the same, a woman was exiting her parked car. She watched us and had a bemused – maybe bewildered – expression on her face. We saw this and then started laughing so much.

Documentary Last Night
Recently, I’ve read a few references to Grey Gardens, so I picked it up from the library. I excitedly started watching it last night, but I couldn’t make it all the way through. Big Edie and Little Edie quickly annoyed me with their yelling and bickering.

I quite enjoyed the interview with Todd Oldham, however, so I think I can best enjoy GG when viewed in clips. Anyway, I think I absorbed enough of the oddities and Little Edie’s fashion sense to catch on to any future references that I see.

Communing with Yarn

Ever since finishing my Odessa hat, I’ve been thinking about what to do with my Dream in Color Beach Fog (see this post).

It’s been difficult.

Something not too fussy, yet something with lots of openness to it. Probably a scarf because I only have one skein, and I don’t want to make a sweater or anything big.

This yarn speaks of the sea (no, I’m not being overly influenced by the color name – when I first saw the yarn, I immediately thought, “sea glass”) and salty smells.

I’ve been thinking hard and nothing I’ve seen has really pleased me.

Patterns have been too lacy or too heavy or too ugly.

But, I have it now.

Grand eyelet. On a bias.

Grand eyelet reminds me of fishing nets, so it’s perfect. And, the bias…I *heart* knitting on the bias. [Please note that I perhaps have not seen a fishing net in real life, but I’m pretty sure nets that I’ve seen in movies and on television are reminiscent of grand eyelet.]

I can’t find a specific pattern for this, so I’m going to have to play around a bit beforehand. If YOU know of such a pattern, do leave a comment so that I can save some of my sanity and start knitting.


Keetah, the All Knowing

The past few mornings, Keetah has been extra snuggly and cute. Whereas she usually sits on the floor below my sleeping head and meows pitifully for food beginning around 5:45 am, recently she has been jumping onto the bed and insisting upon lying right next to me. Although this wakes me up each time she moves around, I find it an improvement over the insistent meowing.

With Keetah in my arms, I dream about cats and often carry Keetah around in my dreams.

I think she knows something’s up. Something BIG. Something that makes me sad in a good way.

I don’t have a new photo of Keetah to post, so here’s one of my favorites from last year:

Yes, I am always this beautiful.

Other Things
A co-worker just gave me a squash the size of a small child. I can’t wait to carry it on the train and bus this evening.

I’ve found a terrific blog with tons of restaurant reviews for Albuquerque. We’re set.

Summer of Never-Ending Sinus Problems

For what seems the millionth time, my head and eyes are heavy with sinus pressure and my throat is tickly. Murrrr! When will it end?!

Things were the same nearly a year ago. Remember July 19? When hardly anyone in the stinking city had power? Fun times, fun times. I think there should be a power outage festival to commemorate that time. My sinus problems last year were due to sleeping outside in the un-conditioned air.

Last year at this time right now, we were at the Gay Games in Chicago. Truly fun times.

But What About Now?
As summer weekends go (read: weekends during which Porkchop works 12-13 hours shifts at Six Flags), this weekend was great.

After a leisurely wake-up on Saturday, we hit the Soulard market. But, before getting out of bed, I had a brief cry about Porkchop’s upcoming trip to Albuquerque. We were looking through the New Mexico books that my mom gave us and becoming excited about tooling around the desert, taking a day trip to Santa Fe, and trying lots of New Mexican food. Then I thought about coming back to St. Louis and how I will be so sad and lonely. After my cry, I squeaked my right eye on Porkchop, which cheered me up some. (P.S. P-chop found a fully furnished (as in silverware and bed linens provided) apartment with Internet included just a block away from Tamarind.)

Porkchop became excited about the Soulard farmers’ market when she realized that she could buy doughnuts AND freshly made pork rinds.

I was excited for tomatoes and cantaloupe. Here I am checking out tomatoes:

We also bought rosemary-olive bread by the Black Bear Bakery (hey, support your local anarchist bakery!) and avocados (from Mexico).

Upon returning home, Porkchop left for the park, and I started making crostini toppings for the Boob-Ha-Ha event. Both toppings were goat cheese based (Goatsbeard Farm = best goat cheese ever). One topping used roasted beets, while the other used avocado, tomatoes, and basil. I don’t think the other Boob-Ha-Ha attendees were too keen on the beet one, but I love it. So, here’s the recipe:


Trim 3-4 medium beets of their greens (also, washing is important). Put on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil. Toss with cut up rosemary and thyme (4 or so sprigs of each) and pepper (around 15 grinds). Roast in 400 F oven for 40 minutes or until tender. Shake the pan every so often.

Let beets rest for 15 minutes. Remove the skins and quarter. Pulse the quarters in a blender or food processor. Don’t overdo it – you want chunks.

Crumble in 4 oz of goat cheese (I used goat cheese that had been rolled in pepper – yum!). Also put in juice of half a lemon.

Serve on crostini. Yum! Also, pretty!

For the rest of Saturday afternoon, I knitted:

Grumperina’s Odessa, if you don’t already know. I’m using that luscious Debbie Bliss Rialto stuff.

So, Saturday night was the Boob-Ha-Ha party and live auction. It was enjoyable and nice to meet other bloggers in real-live person. Of course, I was also suffering from a sinus headache and felt a bit blechy. But, lots of money was raised. There will be hair dying and possibly some head shaving going on later.

Porkchop and I slept late late late (well, at least until 9:30) on Sunday. After finally getting up, I made brunch using leftover crostini toppings. Scrambled eggs with the avocado and tomato one and a big piece of olive bread smeared with the beet topping. Yum!

Porkchop also found this:

Our first tomato!! AWESOME! I’ve found another pea-sized tomato on the same plant, which should result in yellow Roma tomatoes. Grow, tomatoes, grow!

The rest of Sunday was cleaning, knitting, yoga, and grocery shopping. I finished the Odessa hat at 11:30 last night. Porkchop made tons of fun of it because it looks little, but it seriously stretches out to fit a regular-sized head. Hopefully the recipient has a regular-sized head. If not, we’re in trouble.

And Today
The financial director at work stopped by my office and asked me if I was okay. I realized that I must have been grimacing the whole morning. Stupid travel reimbursements. Hate them so much.

We’re (read: me) also starting to clean up our contacts database because our school is switching to a CRM system. This means we have to figure out which of our 6,000 records we want to import and clean up those records. Another major pain.

On the plus side, I am still SO GLAD to be at my center. Whenever I hear the crazy racist and classist comments that the general public makes, I realize that I work with some freaking terrific people.

I Love Optimus Prime

Porkchop and I went to see the Transformers movie last night with her brother.

I should add that I kind of begrudgingly went. Yeah, I know you probably wouldn’t guess it, but I am so not a fan of movies like Spiderman, Superman, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and so forth.

So, surprisingly, I really enjoyed Transformers. Yeah, it was a tad long and could have used another round in the cutting room, but I didn’t find myself bored or thinking about other things at all.

Because, you know, it’s cars and trucks turning into giant autobot things and defending Earth! What is there to not love about that?

Also, I *heart* Optimus Prime. My brother had Optimus Prime when we were kids, and he would never let me play with it. I would beg my brother to take Optimus Prime off the bookshelf from which he stood guard over my brother’s room and PLEASE turn Optimus Prime into a truck (or the reverse).

So…a surprise endorsement of the movie from me. Crazy!

Local Celebrity Sighting

On the train home today, I sat across the aisle from the guy who has a parrot as a service animal! See here and here.

It was the highlight of my day, and almost made up for the fact that my bus seatmate reeked of peppermint Schnapps.