Good for a Chuckle

The longer you have a blog, the more people find you through weird searches. My recent favorites:

  • cavity filling numbness
  • cat eating ribbon
  • Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea
  • group interviews at H&M (Note: I have no idea why this pulled up my blog)
  • Luna bars Shop-n-Save (From St. Louis, no less)
  • is doing yoga at night good (Is it ever bad??)
  • numb in right foot for 3 days (Hmmm…you might consider visiting a doctor…just a thought.)

And then, there are the bug searches. This must be high bug time for everyone. We’ve got:

  • house centipede st. louis (I feel you, buddy!)
  • new bedroom centipede like bug but not a house centipede (Sounds scary!)
  • bugs in basement, basement bugs, and other variations
  • bugs, house, bathtub

What, am I the only person who writes about house centipedes and other such bugs?


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