Communing with Yarn

Ever since finishing my Odessa hat, I’ve been thinking about what to do with my Dream in Color Beach Fog (see this post).

It’s been difficult.

Something not too fussy, yet something with lots of openness to it. Probably a scarf because I only have one skein, and I don’t want to make a sweater or anything big.

This yarn speaks of the sea (no, I’m not being overly influenced by the color name – when I first saw the yarn, I immediately thought, “sea glass”) and salty smells.

I’ve been thinking hard and nothing I’ve seen has really pleased me.

Patterns have been too lacy or too heavy or too ugly.

But, I have it now.

Grand eyelet. On a bias.

Grand eyelet reminds me of fishing nets, so it’s perfect. And, the bias…I *heart* knitting on the bias. [Please note that I perhaps have not seen a fishing net in real life, but I’m pretty sure nets that I’ve seen in movies and on television are reminiscent of grand eyelet.]

I can’t find a specific pattern for this, so I’m going to have to play around a bit beforehand. If YOU know of such a pattern, do leave a comment so that I can save some of my sanity and start knitting.


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