At Loose Ends

Tonight is a ho-hum evening. I moved through yoga without really getting into it, and I ate my grilled cheese and tomato sandwich without much enjoyment.

I should be planning parts of our trip to Albuquerque, but doing so makes me sad. I should also be either making a grocery list or putting away some of the straggling move boxes, but these things sound as fun as driving a nail through my hand.

I’m bored. Porkchop won’t be home until around 10:00, and then it will be nearly time to go to bed.

At least last night was fun. Since Porkchop was on the early shift, we met at Meskerem, the Ethiopian restaurant on Grand, at 7:30. After a tasty meal of lentil sambosas (yum!), chicken tibs, and miser wat, we went to Van Goghz for a drink. My drink was actually kind of crappy and the worst server was on shift, but it was nice to just hang out…even though Porkchop was mainly watching the Cardinals game. Leisure evenings together are already rare and will soon be limited to every six weeks or thereabouts, so I will settle for watching baseball while having a crappy drink.

ANYWAY, Kathy received the hat. Yay!

Meanwhile, my Beach Fog scarf is idling in my bag while I make an umbilical cord baby hat and while I read Up High in the Trees. This book is entirely responsible for my and Porkchop’s respective recent malaises. It is that good.

I think Sebby Lane and Oskar Schell would be good friends.

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