In the Burque

Greetings from Albuquerque!

We flew into the Albuquerque Sunport yesterday morning, arriving around 9:40 local time. As you can imagine, this meant getting up at 5:00 am. Ugh, so early!

The flight went well. Near the three-quarter part of our flight, we started seeing lots of these things:

What are they?? They reminded me of a giant quilt. I don’t know what we were flying over…perhaps northern Texas, but I don’t know our flight path.

Anyway, after picking up our bags, we took the rental car shuttle and got our ride for the week. Unfortunately, instead of the PT Cruiser that we were signed up for, we got stuck with a Mercury Milan. Oh well. It’s okay.

Since we were starving, we drove into the university/Nob Hill area and enjoyed our first breakfast burrito at Bumble Bee:

Bumblebee wasn’t on my list of places to eat, but it was there, and we were hungry. After that, I picked up an iced chai from a Satellite coffee shop, which is an offshoot of the Flying Star.

Porkchop is lucky….she is surrounded by lots of little restaurants and coffee shops. She is most excited about the Einstein Brother’s bagel shop just a block away.

After breakfast burritos, we met Porkchop’s landlord at the apartment. Her apartment is a converted garage and is a nice size for one person. Of course, one always wishes that furnished furnishings were nicer, but they are okay. Check out Porkchop’s blog for photos of the apartment.

So, we spent the afternoon going on massive shopping trips to pick up things like toilet paper, hangers, measuring cups, sheets and a comforter (because you DO NOT want to use furnished linens, seriously), laundry detergent, and other essentials.

The free wi-fi advertised with the apartment is the univeristy’s wi-fi, which I find quite amusing. Fortunately, Porkchop is close enough to get a steady signal; she is literally right next door to the university. And only a block away from Tamarind.

After all of the running around in the hot hot Albuquerque sun (yeah, no humidity, but the sun is oppressive. While St. Louis is like a steamer, Albuquerque is like a roasting oven.), we just wanted to have comfort food for dinner. For us, this means Thai food. Jasmine Thai has received good reviews, so we went there. The main draw for me was mangoes and sticky rice (yum yum yum!), but everything was delicious.

We finally checked into our hotel after an incredibly long day. I’m glad we stayed in a hotel tonight.

After the sun set, we hung out on the hotel patio for a while. Nice! The day was a scorcher, but the night was incredibly pleasant. Porkchop has a little patio area with chairs and a table, so we’ll definitely be able to enjoy that this week.

We’re staying as long as we can at the hotel (2 more hours), and then we’re going out for brunch. Maybe to the Flying Star.

After that we will be going grocery shopping. Because the apartment didn’t come with furnished groceries.

Then maybe we can do something. Maybe the Sandia Tramway!

Have a great Sunday!


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