It’s Not Unusual..

I had a strange and amusing (to me, anyway) dream last night, which I will now share with you. Because I know you're interested in what fills my head at night.
The gist of my dream was that Barry White's fan club headquarters was up for sale. Barry's HQ was a sweet brick bungalow with a huge patio and backyard area. My brother (who was nothing at all like my real brother) put in a call about the place because he was shopping around for a house.
To show your true interest in the house, you had to sing some Barry White songs to the fan club manager. I joined my brother in this audition, and the product wasn't so great. The fan club manager was not impressed, so my brother didn't have much of a chance to buy the house.
While lamenting this fact to my brother and saying how much we sucked while singing, my brother had a different take on it. He said, "It wasn't the singing so much, it's more of a personal difference. The fan club manager just doesn't understand people who wouldn't blow a lotto jackpot on eclairs." In my dream, I thought to myself, "That's a really good line. I've gotta use that on my blog."
So there you have it.
Later, I woke up and had Tom Jones's "It's Not Unusual" playing in my head.
P.S. In the dream, the HQ was being sold along with the fan club website URL, which was This address doesn't exist in real life.

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