Salvage for Victory

I’ve been half-watching Ken Burns’s documentary about World War II. Right now, people are talking about the recycling and conservation efforts during WWII. Wouldn’t it be nice if the government still sponsored messages like, “Buy only what you need,” “Salvage what you can,” and “Recycle what you have”?

On a different note…

I just returned from a terrific yoga class at South Town Yoga. The 90 minutes flew by and the instructor was totally great. Since the studio is offering free classes during its first month, I will be returning this weekend. I would buy a month membership, but I don’t think it would be worth it monetarily, so I’ll do a drop-in class every couple of weeks instead.

This is proving to be quite a busy week! Work is crazy, I went to yoga tonight, and tomorrow is my knitting class.

Oh, yes, I never mentioned this knitting class.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out for a decaf coffee drink and some knitting, and I stumbled upon a knitting group! Of people my age who are really nice! I quickly agreed to take a knitting class with them at the Nottingham continuing education center. While I haven’t had a burning question to ask the instructor yet, I like having scheduled knitting time during the week.

Also, one of the women in the group was one of my classmates during the Missouri Scholars Academy. So, I already knew someone in the group. Kind of, that is…if you count someone you knew for 3 weeks when you were 15.

So, anyway, that’s it! Have a great Wednesday!

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