Breaking Things

When I arrived at my knitting class last night, I sat down at a table and removed my still-not-finished Jaywalker from my bag.

“Shoot!” is what I muttered when I really wanted to yell something else but refrained because I didn’t want to scare the newbie knitters. You know…do you really want people who are just figuring out that the knit stitch and the purl stitch are the same thing only backward to catch on to the fact that knitting can sometimes drive you to cursing?

Okay, so it wasn’t my knitting, exactly, it was my knitting equipment. One of my remaining size 1 needles spontaneously snapped in half during the drive from my apartment to the school.

What the heck?!

Stupid wooden skewer needles! I’m switching to a metal set this weekend…I don’t care if my gauge will be a bit different.

I will switch needles and finish my Jaywalkers, darn it!

Another Broken Thing
I can’t do it anymore….this growing my hair project. I was kind of okay until this morning when I was waiting for the train at the Grand stop and the damp wind came yowling through the train yard and swept my 3.5″ long hair into disarray.

While I was cursing my hair (it’s been quite a week for silent cursing!), I remembered…I don’t have to do this. I can cut my hair and be happy again. So, that’s what I will do next week. I have an appointment all set up for Project: Cut Hair.

This hair is bugging me so much, I was tempted to get my clippers out tonight and take it down to 1/8 of an inch.

Semi-Good Things
At work, we hosted a day-long meeting on Tuesday that was part of a larger conference taking place this week. Fortunately, I was only responsible for logistics and other arrangements for Tuesday.

Everything went surprisingly well. I’m amazed when things fall into place so nicely…room setup, A/V, catering, etc.

Now I can focus on another conference that we have coming up in 3 weeks. Yikes! I have note-takers to hire, booklets to make, and many other things to think about.

Anyway….have a great Friday!


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