Doing Touristy Things

This has been a really busy month, as we’re trying to pack in all sorts of things before Porkchop leaves on the 21st (sadness).
For example, last week, we attended the Blues – Stars games (courtesy of Porkchop’s boss at the UPS Store).

Then, yesterday, we went on the Anheuser-Busch brewery tour. We were excited to see the Clydesdales and the really old brewery buildings.

And the Bevo Fox.

However, parts of the tour were a bit stinky (the mash cooking, I think).

After the tour, I sampled a Hard Knuckle stout (surprisingly similar to Guiness) and a Chelada, which is Busch’s bid at the Latino market and is Budweiser, Clamato, salt, and lime. I thought the Chelada wasn’t so bad until I read more about Clamato (tomato juice, reconstituted clam broth, high fructose corn syrup, and Red 40…yum). Hmmmm….don’t think I’ll have any more of that!

The hospitality room at the brewery served pretzels, but they were pre-packaged stuff. So, afterwards, we stopped at Gus’ for a couple of sticks.

Friday afternoon, I picked up my yarn order from Knitty Couture – yay!

So, after the brewery and pretzels, I knit up a couple of gauge swatches.

I was eager to start the real knitting, but we had a wedding to go to last night. A co-worker of mine had her ceremony at the Jewel Box in Forest Park and the reception at the park’s visitor’s center. I’m not a big wedding fan, but this one was actually interesting and fun. The ceremony blended Jewish and Filipino traditions, and everything was so warm and genuine. The reception was totally entertaining – part way through the first dance thing, the bride and groom broke into a choreographed dance routine to Ice, Ice Baby, which was quite appropriate given that the bride is 6-months pregnant. [It seems that this choreographed routine thing is a new trend among young couples – I hadn’t seen any clips on YouTube, so it was all new to me.]

Although we drank a bit of wine last night, we woke up quite early this morning and made our way to the World Bird Sanctuary. After checking out the eagles and owls and snakes, we stopped at Serendipity on the way back home. We both had sundaes – mine was hot fudge with cinnamon and coffee ice cream (yum!).

For lunch today, we had butternut squash soup and roasted broccoli – also yum!

And now Porkchop is baking chocolate chip cookies!

Well, I only have 4 inches done on my Tilted Duster, so I have to get back to that! Have a great Monday!

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