Back to Our Regular Programming

Porkchop is back in Albuquerque, and I’m back to watching Antiques Road Show on Monday nights. I love ARS, but I also love having Porkchop around.

The apartment is so quiet, save for the clock in the dining room and my downstairs neighbor’s boyfriend hacking up a lung every so often.

I have nothing to do but knit and miss Porkchop.

This week, I predict I make tremendous progress on my Tilted Duster. Currently, I have the back, the two front sides, and a third of each sleeve done. I would post a picture, but it would be just a jumble of green woolly things.

After taking Porkchop to the airport (murrrr), I went to Hartford for a chai and knitting. Had I gone directly home, I would have cried for a long time. I know this because I did cry for a while upon my return from Hartford.

Anyway, to distract myself from tears, I cleaned the kitchen and then made pizza crust dough. Nothing like washing dishes and countertops and then dirtying them for another cleaning to busy oneself.

I ended up with this pizza:

Black beans, avocado, chicken, bell pepper, red onion, cheddar cheese, pizza sauce, and a bit of salsa.

And the best part is that I’ll be able to whip up a pesto and sundried tomato pizza later this week using leftover dough.

Porkchop is having dinner with her buddy Patrick tonight. Even though the Packers lost last night, Porkchop and Patrick will surely find some humor in the black eye that Porkchop gave herself upon returning to ABQ. Seriously.

As a side note, I’m not the only one sad about Porkchop’s departure. Here’s Keetah saying, WTF? Who’s going to pick me up and stroke my soft underbelly now?

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