Holy Cow, Indeed

I’m running a bit behind today, as my dad called and talked for nearly an hour and the Tilted Duster sleeves are taking much longer to finish off. Why am I underestimating the time required to do sleeves?

Here are the sleeves this morning:

I finished one of them while having a very tasty chai at Mississippi Mud Coffee House. This was my first time at this coffee shop, and I really enjoyed it. I think they make their chai in-house instead of using pre-mixed concentrate, and they serve it with a little ginger cookie.

Before I left for the coffee shop, I had my new weekend breakfast:

Oatmeal made with soymilk, honey, nuts, and dried fruit.

Unfortunately, the soymilk has been concerning me. I’m a bit leery of the additives in soymilk, of supporting the big soy corporations (even if it’s organic), and of the distance that soymilk is trucked (especially since it’s refrigerated – unless you buy it in tetrapacks, that is).

So, since I wanted to stop at Local Harvest anyway to pick up a few things, I decided to check out their cow milk.

And, yes, I ended up buying a half-gallon of milk produced by Heartland Creamery.

I felt pretty good when I left…fairly local milk without growth hormone and packaged in a glass bottle that I could return.

Then I arrived home and decided to look at the dairy’s website to make sure it really was local.
The blurb on the home page reassured me until I got to the last line…the line about how profits go to support their faith-based work with troubled adolescents and adults.

And then I realized that the “t” in Heartland is styled to look like a crucifix!

At this point, I wanted to return my milk, but I thought I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Not all faith-based work is creepy, after all.

So then I check out their ministry site, which was still a bit ambiguous. BUT, the links page includes a link to Focus on Family.

I am the complete opposite of Focus on Family, and I would rather my milk money not go to an organization that holds beliefs congruent to FoF.

So….I am going to drink the damn milk, but when I return my glass bottle, I will be sure to let Local Harvest know why I won’t buy any more milk.

They could at least post a disclaimer by the milk.

And I guess I’ll go back to my soymilk that’s trucked in from far away. Why do food choices have to be so hard?!!


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