Seams Like Trouble

I have a seamy quandary.

Tuesday night, I tackled the mattress stitch to attach my duster fronts to the back. Love mattress stitch! So satisfying.

Except on the left side of the duster, that is. Due to the duster construction, I thought I had a few too many rows in one section of the left front. So, I decided to rip out most of the front and reknit it correctly.

Of course, it turned out EXACTLY the same.

And then I realized I had just been holding it wrong before.

So, I finished seaming around 11:30 Tuesday night (partly my fault because I started at 9:00).

During class last night, I realized I was a bit unprepared because I hadn’t researched how to attach the shoulder seams. The teacher showed me how to do the backstitch, but I’m not happy with the results.

If the teacher’s side looks a bit unseamly (yeah, I’m not giving up on this pun), then my side looks like total warmed over crap.

Also, this is partly my fault. When I knit the back, I was left with 2 extra stitches on each shoulder. When this happened, I just shrugged it off. But now I belatedly realize that this affects how the shoulders look.

So, tonight I will be ripping out those shoulder seams and ripping back a few rows on the back to fix my mistake. And yes, this time it is a for-real mistake that I will fix.

I managed to pick up all of the stitches for the skirt last night. Now I just need to invest in a circular needle. My stupid Needlemaster cables join at wonky angles, making it unpleasant to knit large circular items. I’m okay with the 170+ stitches right now, but once I start increasing, it will be a pain.

I need a proper circular needle. *sigh*

But back to seams.

Any suggestions for shoulder seams?

Should I really use the backstitch?

Couldn’t I just take out the bound off edges for the shoulders and do the kitchener with live stitches?? Or is that not allowed on sweater shoulders?

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