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I’m either an Old Man or Hillary Clinton

I stayed home from work today, and this is what I did.

I’m much more amused by my first results on the top.


I have a Bad Attitude

I’ve become loosely involved in planning a work baby shower. “Loosely” as in I made the room reservation and I had to send out the email invitation because the person who was supposed to do that has been out of town and sick.

Now people are emailing me asking where to buy things and is there a gift list (even thought I included the list in the freaking email invitation) and are we collecting cash (again, in the original email) and blah blah blah.

I’m biting my tongue against saying what I really think about this. The sanitized version is that “shower planner” is not in my job description, and people need to read their emails more closely.

Sweet Jesus, I Made a Sleeve

While it’s not without some minor problems, I’m quite proud of this:

The shoulder and sleeve seams took an embarrassingly long time because I would make a few stitches (slowly, slowly), look at my progress, make sure things were still lined up, and then do a few more slow stitches.


Also, this Peruvia yarn is so sticky, it’s hard to see the bars for the mattress stitch. And if you need to rip out any of the seam….forget it. And, finally, it does shred. Fortunately, this only happened to me at the end of the seams.

I hope I have time tomorrow to finish the other whole sleeve. But, you know, I might like to venture outside of the apartment for something (Okay, I’m exaggerating. I was only in the seam zone for under two and half hours. Only. And I did leave the apartment today for a couple of baked goods from Veruca, which is a great little bake shop attached to Niche.)

Oh, the Pigeon

Tonight I tried to do the Royal Pigeon, and it kicked my ass.

I’m not quite near this:

But, I still love Yoga Today. Because you can’t beat a new free yoga session every day.

I’m off to reassemble my body now.

All Fancy and Shit

Okay, I’m trying to embed the video of the transformer cha-cha (yeah…I’m a bit behind in some technology).

Gosh, this makes me happy.

Dancing Robots Make me Happy

I stayed home from knitting tonight, and although I missed the knitting company, I’m glad I stayed in.

Last night was quite sleepless, so today I was in a zombie-like state. Even though I felt better on the bus ride home and convinced myself that I should continue on to knitting, I scared myself when I looked in the mirror and saw that I looked like death warmed over. Seriously, I looked at myself and exclaimed, holy shit! So I stayed home.

Despite the tiredness, this has been a good evening….I did some cleaning chores that had been annoying me (like dusting the fan in the bedroom – I hate dusty fans) and I had many comfort foods. These foods were a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (especially tasty on sprouted flourless whole wheat berry bread), ginger tea (the real kind made by simmering sliced ginger root), and popcorn topped with nutritional yeast and cayenne pepper.

I also knitted a tiny bit on the duster – doing a bit of finishing around the buttonholes and weaving in some ends. I read up on attaching sleeves, contemplated this activity, and then emailed Rebecca-who-loves-seaming and basically said, what the heck?

I understand how to attach the top part of the sleeve to the shoulder, but I don’t understand how to finish out the rest of the armhole opening. None of the tutorials I found elaborated on this tiny little detail.

OH YEAH….the title of this post!

I also watched some of the American ballroom dancing championships that PBS has been showing and re-showing lately. Tonight’s line-up included the Latin Dancing section, which was FANTASTIC. The couple who won the show dance were dressed as transformers, and they did this crazy robot-transformer-cha-cha number. It was freaking amazing.

Parents can be Frustrating

Thanks for the well wishes for my mom!

She went home yesterday and is super-tired and still apparently having vomiting spells.

In a brief email, my dad mentioned that one of the doctors said it might be an e. coli infection. My dad noted that my mom didn’t want him to mention this to us kids so as to not upset us.

So frustrating on many counts!

First, I’m more upset (angry, even) when my parents don’t offer full disclosure. Secondly, I’m frustrated that the doctors are so vague and that my parents don’t demand more information. Thirdly, I’m here and can’t pump the doctor for more information (as a sidenote….when I asked the doctor at the hospital if my mom would be receiving anti-nausea meds in addition to antibiotics, the doctor said to me, “hey, I’m working here.” WTF? I was going to respond with something equally snarky, but you know, my mom was lying there in pain.)

In other news, the collar of my duster is done. I just need to add buttons and figure out how to attach the sleeves.

Also, I went to a yoga class last night and felt good when I could do crow and side crow while others struggled with the poses. And then I felt bad for feeling good. But, I have this yoga-at-home complex thing. Like I must not be as advanced as people who go to classes regularly.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

On Friday morning, my dad called me as I was starting my drive to Jonesboro to let me know that my mom had a bad case of the flu and had suffered from chills and vomiting the night before.

My mom definitely seemed rough, like she was getting over the flu, when I arrived. Since she seemed like she was getting better, my dad and I went on to the Reba and Kelly concert (I will post a picture or two later). Our seats were really great, and Reba and Kelly closed the concert with “Fancy,” which was totally awesome.

Not awesome was the fact that my mom was still sick on Saturday. And we’re talking SICK. Not just “sick.” SICK.

My dad finally convinced her around noon to let us take her to a walk-in clinic. We had to wait nearly an hour and a half before the doctor could see her. The wait was horrible because my mom felt so bad and nearly started crying a couple of times because she had planned so many things for us to do this weekend and we couldn’t do any of them.

Fortunately, things went relatively quickly once she was called back. After her lab work was analyzed, the doctor surprised us all by telling us that my mom actually had a really bad kidney infection and needed to get to the hospital right away!

The hospital wasn’t too far from the clinic, and they weren’t very busy, so my mom was admitted pretty quickly. After that, the attending doctor visited and let my mom know in no uncertain terms that she would be there for a few days, then the lab person came for more blood, and then nurses came for vitals and to insert the IV (which was incredibly hard and painful….murrr). My dad and I left that evening….nearly 6 hours after we started our trip to the clinic.

My mom looked a lot better when we stopped by Sunday morning, even though she had had several fever spikes during the night. But she was totally wiped out when we came back after lunch because another episode of chills started soon after we had left.

Unfortunately, my brother and I had to leave in the afternoon. I thought about staying for another day, but I really would need to stay for another week because she isn’t leaving the hospital today. I’ll probably just go back this coming weekend.

The good news this morning is that she is eating some food and she hasn’t had any more chills, just fever spikes.

What a weird weekend! Also, this will be a very memorable 65th birthday for dad (it was yesterday).

Am I Really so Common?

Last month, I kept receiving emails from someone who I didn’t know, asking me questions like, “So, where are you and John now? Have you received the presents? When do you come back to the house?”

I responded at least three times, kindly pointing out that the emails were not reaching the intended recipient and that they should double-check the address. Unfortunately, this person would not believe that I was a different Carrie F____. I finally had to be very forceful and essentially write, I don’t know who the eff you are, I’m not in your sorority, don’t ever flipping email me again. The person FINALLY believed me.

Now I’m starting to receive other misdirected emails. Since last night, I’ve received three. One was a resume, accompanied by the line, “thanks lady!”; the other one was someone writing to her boss, saying that she had a doctor’s appointment and would be late, but was still looking forward to the lunch meeting; and finally my favorite, “what’s your day like? can you do a delivery for me?”

Originally, I wasn’t going to respond to the first two, but the third one made me realize that someone (someone named Casey) is obviously giving out a wrong email address! Since I don’t want these people writing to me AGAIN with things like, “hey, I need you to do a delivery for me,” I responded with a brief email stating that they have the wrong email address.

So….yeah, that’s my excitement in life. Thanks for listening.

Watch Out for those VDs

Porkchop and I don’t exchange presents on Valentine’s Day because we feel obligated, we do it because we like to give each other presents.

This was a yoga-themed Valentine’s Day. I gave Porkchop a yoga mat and strap so that she can do yoga in New Mexico. When I arrived home today, I found Porkchop’s present waiting for me in the mail: a 10-pack pass to Southtown Yoga.


(I sent the hearts to Porkchop as well.)