Lentil Love

For the past few weeks, things have been a bit slow for me at work. Today, I suddenly had a million things to do.

It’s as though people forgot about me for about a month.

Now suddenly everyone needs an agenda formatted or a million tables prettied up.

Anyway, this is what I had for dinner last night and lunch today:

Red lentil loaf and roasted beets.

I’ve had a ton of red lentils lately. Friday night, I made a dal, to which I added thighs from some local pasture-raised chickens. [Sidenote – The chicken is from Higher Calling Farms. Have I once again been plied food connected to religious conservatism?] The dal was delicious and spicy – yum, yum, yum.

Before and after dinner last night, I had a bit of ice cream:

I only wish that I also had some cinnamon ice cream.

Yesterday, I went to a performance by a local chamber music ensemble, Configurations. It was good music and good company, and I must remember to go to the April concert. During the combined 7 movements, I was able to finish 7 rows on my Duster, so I only had to do 1 row at home to finish a repeat section.

Tonight, I knitted another section during Antiques Roadshow and American Experience (which was a really good episode about Grand Central station). I really hope to finish a section each night this week.

We’ll see.

Good night!


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