Am I Really so Common?

Last month, I kept receiving emails from someone who I didn’t know, asking me questions like, “So, where are you and John now? Have you received the presents? When do you come back to the house?”

I responded at least three times, kindly pointing out that the emails were not reaching the intended recipient and that they should double-check the address. Unfortunately, this person would not believe that I was a different Carrie F____. I finally had to be very forceful and essentially write, I don’t know who the eff you are, I’m not in your sorority, don’t ever flipping email me again. The person FINALLY believed me.

Now I’m starting to receive other misdirected emails. Since last night, I’ve received three. One was a resume, accompanied by the line, “thanks lady!”; the other one was someone writing to her boss, saying that she had a doctor’s appointment and would be late, but was still looking forward to the lunch meeting; and finally my favorite, “what’s your day like? can you do a delivery for me?”

Originally, I wasn’t going to respond to the first two, but the third one made me realize that someone (someone named Casey) is obviously giving out a wrong email address! Since I don’t want these people writing to me AGAIN with things like, “hey, I need you to do a delivery for me,” I responded with a brief email stating that they have the wrong email address.

So….yeah, that’s my excitement in life. Thanks for listening.

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