Look at these Things

I have sprouts!

Fourteen out of forty-seven are sprouting…with more to come, hopefully.

Here are some hats that I’ve been working on…

The Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap, shown here from two angles:

The pattern calls for ties, but I think I will leave them off because they could be a choking hazard, they could just be chewed upon by the baby, and I’m lazy.

Here’s a shot of the Foliage hat in Malabrigo Sealing Wax (pretty!):

And this hat is less interesting photo-wise and knit-wise. It has been my bus knitting – I even did a Russian join on it this morning while riding the bus! The Cousteau hat:

My downstairs neighbors are playing super loud music right now. I kind of hate them right now because I want to go to sleep. But I’m trying to be yoga-like and not let it bother me. But I really do wish their stereo would break and that their pot would turn into dirt.

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