Three-Minute Update

Ack! I still don’t know where the time is going! Not…enough…hours…

Today, my main accomplishment at work was buying gifts for a baby shower tomorrow (yes, ANOTHER shower – this time for a co-worker who leaves May 1 to meet her son in Ethiopia). As Porkchop said, I’m learning a lot about crib sheets, changing pads, and other things I’ve never fathomed before.

After work, I attended my third fiddling class. Tonight we learned part of the Tennessee Waltz and Liza Jane (or is that Eliza Jane?). Fun!

Fiddling makes me HUNGRY. It’s a crazy core and arm workout.

When I returned home, I found that my tomato plants have taken off. It’s amazing what the sun can do.

Speaking of plants, during the snow showers Saturday morning, my supervisor and I planted some garden things….carrots, beets, chard, peas, lettuce, and onions. We’ll see what happens.

After hanging out with Suzi Saturday afternoon, I started a baby raglan for the baby shower tomorrow. It definitely won’t be finished.

When I wasn’t working on the raglan Sunday, I made food to get me through the week. Robin (aka Poppy Mom) wrote about Martha Stewart’s green chile chicken enchiladas on her newish food blog. For an accompaniment, I prepared rice and beans with roasted sweet potatoes. Yum for both:

(that freaky stuff on the lower right is sour cream)

Tomorrow – I hope to make knitting at Companion Bakery – yay!


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