KETC has some really great shows…unfortunately, the powers-that-be like to schedule all of the best shows at 10:00 pm on Sunday night.

For example, I’ve been wanting to see King Corn since I first heard about it. KETC is showing it right now as part of Independent Lens. Great, terrific, I have to go to bed in about 15 minutes.

What – do they assume everyone has cable and a DVR? Grrrr.

Other Things
My whole weekend centered around food-related activities.

This week is the first pick-up for Fair Shares, so the organizers held an open house on Saturday. We sampled food, met some farmers and other food producers, and learned more about the mechanics of the CSA.

I’m excited for the first week! One of the farmers at the open house has a fig farm, and I’m hoping that we receive some of his fig jam. Yum! Forty-five people will also receive trout this week – crossing my fingers because I love trout.

Today started out rough because I went to La Dolce Via to knit, but I forgot my knitting! Argh! I had tea and a scone anyway and bought a newspaper.

I used the newspaper when I got home to make new bedding for my worms. Then I set out on the task of separating the worms from the worm poop.

This is harder than people make it out to be on the vermiculture websites. They make it sound like you’ll end up with a neat pile of worms if you use the method of repeatedly halving the poop pile and letting the worms crawl to the bottom. The reality is that you still have a big mess of worms and poop.

And then there are the baby worms! It’s impossible to separate the itty bitty worms from the poop.

Hard work, folks. It took me about an hour. In the end, I had a half-gallon of worm poop (half-gallon because I used the container in which my red bean ice cream came).

I used some of the poop when I planted my tomatoes later in the afternoon. Hope we don’t have a big frost…that would be just my luck.

I offered my next door neighbor some worm poop for his plants, but he declined. Later, however, his son accepted my offer of a cherry tomato plant. I hope he takes care of it.

Man, I’m tired. Off to bed now. Work is going to be super busy this week…sigh. And my parents arrive on Friday for a weekend visit. And they’re staying with me, so I have more parent preparations to make.


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