I Hope this is not A Sign

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon assembling documents for my in-take session at Acorn that was scheduled for today, Memorial Day. I already had my and Porkchop’s tax and W2 files prepared, along with some paystubs. But there were newer paystubs and newer checking and savings statements to PDF, as well as a budget form and application to complete.

When Porkchop returned from Six Flags, we went directly to The House so that she could see it. We agreed that we should go for it, and our realtor laid out the steps to take after meeting with Acorn today (see how it all relies on this Acorn meeting?).

This morning, Porkchop dropped me off at my office so that I could scan her driver’s license and social security card, and so that I could print out two copies of all the paperwork that I needed. Since I had this Acorn appointment lined up, I decided to stay in St. Louis while Porkchop went to see her parents.

It took a while to print and assemble everything, so I only had enough time to stop by Kayak’s for a bagel to go for lunch. And then it was on to the Central West End busport so that I could catch a bus to the Acorn office.

See the complicated arrangements here and how I went into my office on a HOLIDAY? (of course, it was personal work, but I was still there! I saw that I have many new emails to attend to tomorrow!)

So, imagine my chagrin when I reached the Acorn office and NO ONE WAS THERE. Hmmmpphhhh….

Another guy on the bus was going to Acorn, too, because he does some political organizing work for them. He thought the office was open as well, but when he called his supervisor, his supervisor confirmed that the office is closed today.

Oh, but see, we were confused because the office door was unlocked! After the guy hung up with his supervisor, we heard someone coughing upstairs. I asked the guy if he thought it was D—– (with whom I had an appointment). He doubted it but yelled up the stairs. When no one answered, the guy said, Nah, I think that’s just someone sleeping up there because the door was unlocked…I wouldn’t go up there if I were you.

I took his advice and left with him.

And while waiting for the bus, I left a scathing voice-mail for D——. Because there is no better retribution than a scathing voice-mail.

The Plus Side
I rode two different bus lines today. I like being knowledgeable about the buses. Let me tell you, bus number 93 seems to go everywhere.

On the Grand bus, I saw a young guy with “Barack” tattooed down his right forearm in at least 1-inch high capital letters and “Obama” tattooed down his left. That’s bold.

I see a lot of tattoos on the bus, but this is the first time I’ve seen a political one. People on the Grand bus are more likely to have their boy- or girlfriend’s name, or their own name, tattooed on their neck than to have political-themed ink.

Anyway, seeing the Barack Obama tattoo kind of made all of this mess worthwhile.

I just hope we can still get The House.


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