Can You Tell I’m Bored?

I’ve been at home for 3 days largely by myself.

I’m bored and am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

In my boredom, I made pan fried trout and some asparagus, mushrooms, and potatoes sauteed in butter. It was pretty good.

But the apartment smells like fried fish now.

I’m so bored, I’m starting to second guess my liking of The House:

  • The backyard isn’t level and would really need to be terraced in order to do things like gardening. How much would this cost? Could we do it ourselves? Can chickens live on terraces?
  • Many of the cabinets in the kitchen aren’t very deep. So, lots of cabinets, but shallow. Would this annoy me to no end?
  • Why did they have to use sliding doors for the bedroom closets?
  • Are the wood floors on the second level in such poor condition that they put down carpet? Or could we redo the floors later?
  • The bathrooms are small. Would we start to hate this a lot?


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