If it’s Quiche, it must be the Weekend

Friday afternoon, I suffered a spell of life-loathing. I don’t know what other people do when this happens, but I like to exert control over my environment by cleaning and straightening. So that’s what I did Friday night.

On Saturday, I scheduled a full day to keep myself occupied. After taking Porkchop half way to Six Flags (she caught a partial ride with a co-worker), I did things like the following:

  • Buy more basil plants, potting soil, radish seeds, and a pot.
  • Go to the Tower Grove farmers market for spinach, beef jerky, and a cherry-chocolate scone.
  • Go to a total of three grocery stores. One for regular things like tea and oranges, one for Dutch processed cocoa, and one for garlic (which I forgot at the first store and didn’t like the looks of the stock at the second). I can’t wait until our garlic plants are ready for harvesting because grocery store garlic is always so sketchy.
  • Inquire about a good deal on a car posted on Craigslist and later realize it’s a scam. It’s unfortunate that all of the good car deals are scams.
  • Drop off a pile of things to Goodwill.
  • Drop off recycling.

After doing the above, I made another quiche.

Spinach and sun dried tomatoes sauteed in garlic with the green onion cheddar cheese from last week. This time, I used 5 eggs…and we still have so many left!

It’s pretty good. I would prefer Parmesan cheese, but I was more interested in using my stock of cheese.

After suffering through the heat of cooking the quiche, I of course decided to bake more. My plan was to bake, pot plants, and then pick up Porkchop. However, I did not realize that the baking would take nearly 3 hours!

But we have a ton of cookies as a result.

These are homemade Oreos using this recipe from the Smitten Kitchen. The recipe is terrific (um, yes the filling is nothing but pure badness – powdered sugar, butter, and (horrors!) vegetable shortening – but sooooo tasty), but the recipe author and I evidently have very different ideas of what a “heaping teaspoon” means. While the recipe is intended to make 25-30 sandwich cookies, I ended up with more than 60! This is nice because the cookies aren’t as overwhelming, but it meant I sent baking sheet after baking sheet into the oven in what had to be a 100+ degree kitchen (except for a ceiling fan, I have no air conditioning source in the kitchen)! And then I stuffed them all with the filling and ended up going back and restuffing them because there was so much filling left!

But it was worth it.

We do, however, need vanilla ice cream to enjoy the cookies even more.

This afternoon I potted plants, and now I’m waiting for the sun to go down a bit more before vaccuuming the back porch of its loose dirt.

Tomorrow will begin another tiring week of car fixing, car inspection, insurance dealings, and going to Acorn and hopefully putting together a house offer. Oh, and work will be full of pre-conference craziness. I am exhausted already.

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