First (and Second) Fruit

It’s a great feeling to be munching on lettuce straight out of the planter, checking out your plants, and catching a glimpse of your first fruit. Behold:

There is also a second fruit here, barely visible but peeking out from the flower on the right. This makes me happy. Sorry for the bad shot here, but it was the evening and this plant is freaking tall.

Also, who knew that oregano flowers would be so pretty?

I love their little delicateness.


This week has been a mixed bag. Work has gone swimmingly with just a little pre-conference craziness…but the house stuff…Argh!

This week, I learned that because of the foreclosure mess, the special loan programs and down payment assistance funds intended for low-to-moderate income people have been restructured and sucked dry.

So, when people say that this is a “buyer’s market,” keep in mind that it’s only so for people who are already financially advanced.

But, despite these setbacks and the $40 I dropped at Acorn for credit reports that did NOTHING for me, we hope to make an offer next week on a house. Cross your fingers. Fortunately, the $5000 from my insurance company (new tires = $200 more dollars) will provide a bit more of a cushion in terms of closing costs and all that jazz. Not that I’m going to blow the insurance money on a house down payment, it will just be good to have in the bank.

After the house stuff settles, we’ll think about the car situation.

I hope we get a house. I can’t wait to move! So much that I already have a nice stash of moving boxes.

With each move, I get more and more brutal in terms of things I discard. This time, absolutely no mercy.

Except for these:

How can I part with my Swatches from grade school? Since these are really the only reminders of my childhood that I keep with me, maybe I’ll hold on to them.

Maybe I’ll even buy new batteries and wear them! Except not both simultaneously. Apparently my arm is no longer small enough to pull that off (see the picture for a visual of my arm fat being squeezed).


Another change of subject.

I’ve been craving salty foods like nobody’s business today. My mind keeps revisiting this food memory: I’m 8 years old and having dinner across the street at a friend’s house. Her dad grilled steak, corn, and the best potatoes I’ve ever had in my entire LIFE.

Seriously. These little red new potatoes had been grilled to perfection and were kissed with the perfect amount of salted butter.

I really want some of those potatoes again.

Or popcorn with butter and salt. Or guacamole. But I would prefer those potatoes.

In other food news, a former funding partner of our center sent us a 5-pound bar of dark and milk Belgian chocolate to congratulate us on the successful launch of a Big Experiment in Oklahoma. It’s a bit excessive, but mainly it’s hard to break off a piece because the chocolate is at least 2 inches thick.

Have a great Friday!

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