Local Meals

After having lunch and dinner today, I realized that I’d had meals using only local items. Yay!

This morning, I took Porkchop halfway to Six Flags and then stopped at the garden for weeding, thinning, and carrot seed planting. I thinned a ton of beets and kept the greens. When I arrived home, I made this lunch:

Scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms and green onion cheddar cheese, served atop bread from Companion Bakery, accompanied by sauteed beet greens.

Dinner was similar:

A bison burger with regular cheddar cheese and more greens.

I didn’t know if I would be too keen on the greens, but I like them. Hopefully, I’m not sauteing the goodness out of them.

Also, bison…it exceeded my expectations.

So, when I was at the garden this morning, I noticed that the garlic was putting out twisty little shoots. I had a feeling that I recognized these from the Madison’s farmers market, but I couldn’t remember the details. Once I was at home, I learned that the twisty things are “garlic scapes” and should be picked off so that the garlic clove grows larger. I also found some recipes for the scapes, which are supposed to be quite tasty.

It’s true! Scapes are yummy! I went back to the garden to harvest them this evening:

I read that scapes are not supposed to have the “bite” that garlic does, but oh ho, some of the scapes here do. Many of the larger ones are downright spicy! (Yes, I taste-tested a few.) I look forward to trying these in a couple of recipes.

Meanwhile, here is Porkchop’s idea of eating local:

Slider from the White Castle at Grand and Gravois.

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