Ready for the New Season

Here’s hoping that the summer season marks a new trend in events. For the past month, it seems I’ve only written about rough times. Hopefully, this will be the last post for a while that starts with, wow, this past week sucked.

Anyway, it did suck. I stayed home from work on Tuesday (yay!) to take Porkchop to an urgent care clinic (so not yay!) first thing in the morning. I knew getting to the clinic was going to be rough when Porkchop threw up twice before we even got out of the house. It became apparent that Porkchop couldn’t sit up or stand without vomiting. After throwing up a few more times before finally seeing a doctor, the diagnosis was a stomach virus or an inner ear infection, with the doctor suggesting it was probably a stomach virus. Porkchop filled up on a couple of bags of IV fluid while at the clinic, so we didn’t leave until after 1:00, with a couple of prescriptions.

With anti-nausea medicine, Porkchop was no longer throwing up, but she was still feeling very very rough. Wednesday wasn’t any better. Since the primary problem seemed to be dizziness – not nausea – I took Porkchop back to the urgent care clinic Thursday night (side note: everyone should be set up with a primary care physician because it’s impossible to walk-in as a new patient!).

We would have gone earlier in the day, but I had all of the house inspections scheduled for Thursday morning. The garage needs to be treated for termites because of evidence of old damage, and there are some other fixes to be done, but everything is really okay.

So…back to the clinic visit. The nurse who took Porkchop back to the exam area was so unbelievably rude and unprofessional, I can’t even write about it. Even now, I want to give her a good kick to the head, and I’m usually not a violent person. Porkchop saw a different doctor who ran her through all sorts of balance tests. So, this time, the diagnosis was vestibular neuritis, a swelling of a nerve in the ear, which leads to dizziness and nausea.

There’s not much that can be done, so Porkchop just has to wait it out.

On Saturday, she actually went to Six Flags to work! The other excitement on Saturday was that we met with our realtor to draw up the list of things we want fixed on the house, and we ran out of gas while driving down Kingshighway!

I was absolutely mortified by running out of gas – I’ve never done this before! I knew we needed to get gas, and we were going to soon, but apparently not soon enough. Having not driven Porkchop’s car very much, I’m not attuned to how much you can drive it when its “check gages” light comes on.

Porkchop went to work again today (she drove herself, which made me very worried, but she arrived safely), and I stayed home and did luxurious things like stay in my pajamas until 11:30 and then yoga. And pack a few boxes and make cookies.

It seems Porkchop’s vertigo will subside soon. Maybe I will purchase a used car in the next couple of weeks, and perhaps we will move at the end of July!

Here’s to a Good Summer!

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